Get Into Gear Part 4 – The Rogaining Fashion Parade (Base Clothing)

A rogaine is just about the antithesis to a conventional fashion show. Indeed, if one was looking for an event where they could find the least fashionable looking human beings, a 24-hour rogaine would undoubtedly be a forerunner. But the truth is that rogaining has a fashion of its own. Most rogainers are not intentionally […]

Wonder Compass

Buy the new compass.While stocks last. Post added 2020 NSW Rogaining has teamed up with to create a revolutionary new “wonder” compass. A traditional compass, in the hands of a skilled operator, will tell you which way to go. This new compass will not only tell you which way to go, but also the direction from […]

Are you a serious rogainer?

Are You a Serious Rogainer

Are you a Serious Rogainer? Gill Fowler and Jess Baker Dave Baldwin and Julie Quinn David Williams and Ronnie Taib Joel Mackay and Mike Hotchkis

Get Into Gear Part 3 – Giving Dodgy Footwear the Boot

If we were to take a survey of physical ailments that rogainers experience on the course, I would be very surprised if foot problems did not top the list. It would be wonderful if I could give an objective solution to foot problems, but unfortunately our feet are not cooperative enough to be standard sizes […]

Get Into Gear Part 2 – A Hot Topic: Hydration & Dealing with the Heat

If you think this is hot

I have a theory that for every person, there is about a 20 degree Celsius range in which most people can comfortably participate in vigorous outdoor activities. I have known many a cold-blooded species who will happily go running and cycling in near 40°C temperatures, but wear a jacket if it drops below 25°C. And […]

A Tale of The Deceptive Lands

The Story Behind the Australasian Rogaining Championships 2020, May 9-10  “30 Years Ago; The Story begins…” writes SA Rogaining Association’s Chief Conspirator Jenny Casanova, “…on a dark, rainy, windswept night in 1989, the young girl trudged up the road in the glow of torchlight after 14 hours in the wilderness, lagging behind her companion who […]

Get Into Gear – What do you carry in a Rogaine? Part 1 – Summary

Whether it is the clothes you wear, the food you eat or the torch you carry, knowing the best gear to take with you on a rogaine is absolutely fundamental. It has been a long time since any NSW publication has discussed the best gear to carry on a rogaine, so this year I have […]

Course-setting Workshops

On the 3rd January I suggested on Facebook that, depending on interest in our rogaining community, we could run some training for course setters What a pleasing response!  30-odd expressions of interest Consequently we have scheduled a workshop on 8-Feb, with a focus on making maps and the associated computer apps.  This first workshop will […]

Volunteer Rewards

Volunteer Reward Points Table The following volunteers have earned points for volunteering at a Rogaine.  Points are allocated by the Event Coordinator and the Volunteer Coordinator and are based on the numbers in the NSWRA Volunteer Rewards Policy, but in general, every 100 points earns a free entry to an event. If there are any omissions […]