Series Point Score


In addition to the individual point score for each event, NSW Rogaining runs a series Point Score. The purpose of the Series Point Score it to encourage people to compete in more events each year. It is also an opportunity to acknowledge those athletes that compete in multiple events and score highly in their competition categories.

The concept of a series point score was first run in 2013 where we ran a similar competition which was based on a person’s top five results. It was called “Rogainer of the Year” and was won by Nicole & Andrew Haigh who just happened to end with the same score.

In 2018 we tweaked the rules quite a bit, adding age sections, using your best three scores, and rating against the median rather than winning score. In 2019 we will further refine the rules, rewarding people who choose longer events.


Best in Class for 2021

Best in Class for 2020

NSW Rogaining Series Point Score - Best of 2020

Best in Class for 2019

Best in Class for 2018:

Women Under 23Jemma Duerden442
Men Under 23Keelan Birch678
WomenGill Fowler674
MenThomas Brazier694
Women VetToni Bachvarova583
Men VetGlenn Horrocks672
Women Super VetRobin Cameron432
Men Super VetMike Hotchkis635
Women Ultra VetKath Anderson291
Men Ultra VetWarwick Selby490

The Rules:

The current rules, as at 1st Jan 2021, are here:

  1. Your best 4 events this calendar year will contribute to your overall point score. .
  2. Your points are individual but earned as part of a team (unless the event accepts solo entries). For example you are a 57 year old woman competing in a mixed team. Your points will be awarded to you in the Women’s Super Veteran category
  3. The points you earn for each event are calculated by taking your team’s score expressed as a % of the overall median score for that course (ignoring category).
  4. There will be the usual categories as per the rules of rogaining (no junior category, only under 23).
  5. For the purpose of this point score, you’re only up against others in the category that is defined by your age and gender (i.e. A men’s super veteran will not also compete in the open men’s category, which is different to our usual rules for event).
  6. If you change category during the year your points roll to the older one. (i.e. you turn 55 during the year your cumulative score for the year gets moved to Men’s or Women’s Super Veterans.)
  7. A volunteer at an event will be awarded their average score for that year.
  8. Five points will be added to your score for each hour of the event duration you have entered.

The Rules Changes 2021:

The Committee has been debating the rules for the series point score. After a lot of debate and statistical analysis it has been decided to make two changes:

  1. 5 points per hours will be added for the duration of the event you entered. (Used to be 2.)
  2. Your score is expressed as a % of the median score. The median used to be calculated just for your event. In future, the median will be across all events on the same course. (median points per hour x event duration).

These rule changes make the system fairer for competitors in the longer events, which have a much higher median points per hour, because these events are generally entered by the better rogainers. The additional 5 points per hour is a slight encouragement for everyone to try the longer events.


You are a female super veteran competing competing in a mixed family tearm in a 12 hour event. A six hour event was also running on the same course.

Your name will appear in the Women’s Super Veteran score table and your score will be:

(Your teams score /  average points per hours across the 6 and 12 hour event x 12) + 5 x 12