The Warwick Marsden Award

Warwick Marsden was a champion of rogaining in NSW during the 1980s and 1990s. He was an early competitor in rogaines, participating in one of the earliest international events. His friendliness in inviting people to try Rogaining brought many people to the sport. His expertise for organising events and in the management of the NSWRA committee greatly improved our sport.

In particular, Warwick was responsible for building the annual Paddy Pallin 6-hour event from a low key event into one that regularly attracted over 600 competitors. He was quietly spoken and a happy face around many hash houses, both as an organiser and as a participant. Sadly Warwick died from cancer in July 1995.

The Warwick Marsden Award celebrates his contributions to the sport. It is awarded to volunteers of any skill level for their exceptional contribution to the sport in NSW, and is normally presented at the first event each year. To make a nomination for the Warwick Marsden Award, please contact the Committee.



Keith Fone


Chris Stevenson


Pam and Bob Montgomery


Mark von Huben


Ted Woodley


Gill Fowler


Michael Watts


Bob Gilbert


Mike Hotchkis


Ian Dempsey


Alan Mansfield


Jennifer Borrell and John Keats


Tony Maloney


Stephen Castle


Julian Ledger


Bert and Dianne van Netten


Graeme and Vicki Cooper


Trevor Gollan

Keith Fone

This year we would like to honour someone who is not a rogainer, who has never, ever entered a rogaine, but has contributed greatly to our sport for nearly 20 years.

But first, let’s talk about scouts.  Our relationship with the Scouting Movement goes back to 1988, when NSW Rogaining took over the long-standing Paddy Pallin rogaine.  Paddy the Man encouraged the scouting community to be involved in outdoor activities.  We still have old-time rogainers who started as scouts (yes, I’m thinking of you John Barnes) and some of your entry fees from the Paddy Pallin Rogaine are gifted to the Scout Association.

In 1992 the Paddy Pallin Rogaine was at Mangrove Mountain and one of the course setters, Eric Metzke, was also a leader at 1st Waitara Scouts.  For the first time the catering was outsourced to a scout group.  Since then, various scouting groups have catered for our events, but from 1992 to 2019 1st Waitara have catered for 28 consecutive Paddy Pallin Rogaines, a tradition only broken by Covid.

It’s impractical to give this volunteering award to the many scouts and families (there would be many 100’s) who have all volunteered their time and efforts for their scout troop.  But there emerged one person who took on the 1st Waitara leadership in 2006 at Wingello, and we decided that he epitomised the spirit of all those volunteer scouts and families.

Keith Fone

This fellow has boundless energy, enthusiasm, humour and humanity.  I refer to… Keith Fone

Keith is an innovator, an inspiration for others, and he lead 1st Waitara for 14 years, including taking on the catering for many other rogaines, such as 24 & 12-hour events. (eg. Tarlo 12-hr 2016, ANC at Mt Werong Champs 2017) and the biggest catering effort of all, the World Champs in the Warrumbungles.

Keith has eased away from the scouts, but he can’t help but help.  Last year, at the Paddy Pallin on Newnes Plateau, he turned up to look after the campfire and water drops.

I would like to now present Keith with a gift voucher, to purchase something he can associate with our sport, and I am marking this occasion by teaming with Keith on his very first rogaine… as a competitor that is.

Please thank Keith for his wonderful efforts, in support of rogaining and scouting.

[Trevor Gollan 3-Apr-2022 at North Sydney Metrogaine]

Chris Stevenson

(Nearly) every year, we highlight one or two people who stand out due to their energy and efforts in supporting our sport in NSW.  These people tend to be organisers, though in 2018 we honoured Mark von Huben for his behind-the-scenes care of our equipment.  And last year we chose Pam and Bob Montgomery because, for so many years, they cheerfully help out at so many events (with parking, admin, etc.) and then they usually stay to collect flags afterwards, and now they’ve moved into course setting.

This year we’d like to acknowledge someone who is an organiser and has ALSO worked tirelessly behind the scenes.  I announce the recipient of this year’s Warwick Marsden Award as … Chris Stevenson.

Chris has been our Webmaster and IT person since 2015 which means, rather than be involved in organising a specific event, he has to do something for every rogaine, ensuring the promotion, final instructions and results are online and accurate.  He implemented the Pointscore competition that we reinstated in 2018.

Chris is critical to our Social Media presence;  that means eNewsletters, Facebook, and being the most regular contributor to our Forum, with his interesting, and sometimes intimate reviews.



On top of that, last year, when our website crashed (I won’t divert into cause and effect of that incident) Chris had to spend days (weeks?) to recover the system and data, all under pressure associated with an upcoming rogaine.

But wait there’s more, last year he also took on the coordination and catering for the Nyctophobia Spookie event in July.  I hope many of you enjoyed getting out into the darkness.  And this year he’s volunteered to coordinate the Metrogaine.

I recall Warwick Marsden as someone who had Humanity, Humility and Humour.

Chris doesn’t show a lot of Humanity.  He can be intolerant, and impatient… someone who just gets in and gets things done.  He likes to lead.

Chris doesn’t show much Humility.  He likes to push himself and others, he likes to compete, and be proud of his achievements

Chris DOES have a great sense of Humour.  He sees the quirky & ironic side of things, he has the appropriate wisecrack, and the occasional dad-joke.  You can see it in his online presence.

What Chris DOES have is a passion for the sport and lots of energy – beyond all those background tasks, he attended every NSW rogaine last year, plus an ACT 12-hour.  He has strong, incisive views and doesn’t condone bullshit.  He also has Dianne and his family.  Di likes to cook and socialise, and she has become caught up in the catering at events, notably the Nav Workshop in 2018.  Plus they hosted the recent mapping workshop in their home.

We have relied heavily on Chris to keep the sport going in the last five years.  I greatly appreciate his efforts, and his companionship too.  On behalf of everyone in the NSW Rogaining community, I thank Chris for all he has done for rogaining, and hope he continues in similar vein.

[Trevor Gollan 20-Feb-2020]

Bob & Pam Montgomery

Bob & Pam Montgomery at Western Sydney Parklands 2019

Mark von Huben

Mark maintaining NSW Rogaining’s trailer.

Ted Woodley

Ted Woodley

Gill Fowler

Gill at Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2019

Gill Fowler at Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2019-

Michael Watts

Michael course-setting at Abercrombie NP, Aug-2010

Mike Hotchkis

Mike course-setting at Abercrombie NP, Aug-2010

Ian Dempsey

Tony Maloney

Tony Maloney (right) receiving his award from Julian Ledger.

Julian Ledger

Julian Ledger on the top of Belloon Pass, April 2008.

Graeme and Vicky Cooper

Graame and Vicky at their home in Armidale.

Trevor Gollan

Trevor Gollan in Oxford UK.