Membership Information

It is NSW Rogaining Association (NSWRA) policy that all entrants of events 18 years of age or over on the day of the event must be members of an Australian state rogaining association. However, the "Paddy Pallin" 6 hour event held each year in June is run by the NSWRA for the Paddy Pallin organization and it is not necessary to be a rogaining association member to enter this event.

At the AGM of the NSWRA held in February 2008, approval was obtained for changes to the Association's Constitution which included changes relating to membership. Subsequently, the Committee agreed to set the annual membership fee to $0 and to set an administration fee of $5 for membership applications not processed as part of an event entry.

In practice, these changes mean that most people will not be required to make a separate application or payment for membership of the Association. When stated on the entry or indemnity form, entrants of a NSWRA event , over the age of 18, that are not members of another state association , will automatically become members of the NSWRA for the 12 month period starting on the first day of the event. As the annual NSW Paddy Pallin event does not require entrants to be members of an Australian rogaining association, entrants of this event will not receive this automatic NSWRA membership.

If you wish to retain membership of the NSWRA but not enter a NSW event, you can make a separate application with payment of the $5 administration fee. To do that, download the Membership Application Form from here and send it with your payment to the Membership Secretary. Address details are provided on the form. For payment by EFT please contact the Treasurer.

If your membership details have changed, please notify the Membership Secretary.