NSWRA Committee Roles

President:   Chairs the six NSWRA committee meetings each year. Provides leadership to NSWRA, interacts with rogainers at events and elsewhere, and facilitates the functioning of the association.

Vice President:   Deputises for the President and assists in the management of NSWRA.

Secretary:   Prepares the committee meeting agenda and distributes copies to committee members at least one week prior to meetings. Takes minutes at committee meetings and distributes those minutes to the committee for action within two weeks following the meeting.

Treasurer:   Prepares an annual NSWRA budget and presents this to the committee for approval. Ensures all expenses of the Association are promptly paid. Provides advice to event organisers on financial matters related to events. Produces annual financial statements for the Association and presents those statements to members.

Public Officer:   Position required under the Association's incorporation and takes care of annual returns and governance issues. In addition, this role is the central contact for the Association, members and public alike. Informs all concerned bodies of the composition of the NSWRA. 

Event Manager:   Sets the calendar of events for the year, ensuring that we have a balance of event types and locations. Works with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure each event has a suitable team of volunteers. Makes regular checks that everything necessary is being done to ensure a successful event. In consultation with the Volunteer coordinator ensures that an event organiser and/or organising team is identified no less than 9 months before the event will be staged.

See the separate list of activities for the Event Manager.

ARA Representative:   Represents our Association at the Australian Rogaining Association Annual General Meeting. Participates throughout the year in discussions with other ARA representatives on such matters as the rules of Rogaining and national publicity initiatives.

Publicity Coordinator:   Coordinates the active promotion of the sport of rogaining via relevant avenues. This includes promoting the sport to new markets and encouraging current members to participate in future events.

Membership Secretary:   Maintains the membership database, monitors membership trends, and reports those trends to the committee.

Archivist:  The role of the archivist is to collect and maintain a record of all the activities of the Association. This includes such items as the maps and paperwork associated with each event, newsletters, and documents such as minutes and policy decisions.

Equipment Officer:   Maintains the Association's event trailers and the equipment stored in the trailer. Makes arrangements to ensure the trailer is available at each event. Finds a home for the trailer between events. When required, recommends purchase of new equipment and repair of existing supplies.

Webmaster:   Builds and maintains the Association’s website posting and keeps the website current. Recommends and implements relevant web-based technologies to provide increased efficiency for association administration.

Volunteer Coordinator:   Maintains a record of volunteers who have assisted at each event and offers those volunteers free entry at a coming event (or reimbursement of a training fee) in appreciation for their work. Using those records, by records of competitors who indicated they’d volunteer at a future event, and the NSWRA database, the volunteer coordinator works with the Event Manager and the event organiser to help find the necessary volunteers to run events. In consultation with the event organiser for each event and the Event Manager, ensures that the organising team is identified no less than 9 months before the event will be staged.

Safety Officer:   Prepares guidelines for the safe preparation and management of events, encouraging a safety-conscious approach to events by organisers and competitors. Reports to the committee on relevant event safety issues. Works with the Event Organiser of all events to develop an event safety plan.

Additional Committee Members:   These people don't have a specific duty. They are rogainers who have good ideas about encouraging the sport to grow and to be enjoyed by all.

There is no closed door on the committee - all are welcome.