Books about rogaining

Cover of book "Rogaining"

"Rogaining" by Neil Phillips & Rod Phillips

There are very few books written that I am aware of that mention rogaining. The best known and the definitive treatise on the sport is Neil and Rod Phillips book "Rogaining - Cross Country Navigation".  This is the book to read if you are anywhere between just wondering what it is all about or an experienced rogainer.

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Cover of Costigan's book "Organising a Rogaine"

"Organising a Rogaine" by Rod Costigan

The close companion to the Phillips book is Rod Costigan's "Organising a Rogaine".  This book is a mine of information about every aspect of running a rogaine.  If you take on an organisational role for any NSW event, contact our Events Manager to obtain a copy.

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The Victorian Rogaining Association has published a booklet on an introduction to Rogaining entitled  "Which Way's North?". This is an excellent document for novices and those rogainers who would like to brush up on their navigational knowledge or any other aspect of the sport. While some of the content is specific to the Victorian experience, it is a highly recommended read for all. Our thanks to the VRA for their efforts producing the booklet.

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