Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Rogaines in NSW conform to the Competition Rules and Technical Regulations laid down by the Australian Rogaining Association.  This page attempts to answer some of the questions you may have when you first decide to enter an event.  Before you arrive at an event you should familiarize yourself with the Competition Rules.

Your Team

A team shall consist of two, three, four or five members. A team that has a member under fourteen years of age shall also have a member over eighteen years of age.

Event Duration

Some events give you the choice of different durations.  A 24 hour event for example may offer a 12 hour option.  The “course”, meaning the area the team travels during the time of the event and the controls you may visit will be the same for each duration on offer at each event.  Remember when making your choice that you may stay out on the course for only as long as you want to.

Competition Categories

Like most sports there are a number of competition categories. In rogaining, these are based on age, gender and whether you meet certain requirements such as all being novices. Apart from this Novice category, previous experience is not a factor. There is no handicapping system. Your team will be entered in every category for which it is eligible.  You can read about the details of competition categories in the About Events section.

Safety and Fairness

For reasons of both safety and fairness, all competitors in a team must stay together. Most of our events use an electronic system (Navlight) to register your visit at each of the checkpoints across the course. Each team member is required to wear a wristband (supplied on the day of the event) that allows their visits to be registered. In between checkpoints, it’s also important for your team to stay within earshot.

Bush rogaines normally contain all the dangers and risks you usually associate with a cross-country bushwalk. For that reason, we ask each team to carry the mandatory equipment of a whistle, space blanket and compression bandage. We also recommend each team carries a small first aid kit. It is important to have a first aid kit, to carry sufficient clothing to prevent hypothermia, and to carry sufficient water to prevent dehydration. All competitors are also required to sign a waiver form at event registration that acknowledges they understand the inherent risks associated with competing in a rogaine.