Here's a list of recent and coming events and the volunteers who have signed up to help. Click on the REGISTER button below if you're interested in helping out at any of these events. You can also just send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator.

List updated: Tue 04/08/2020 10:18
20NC - NSW Championships 12/24hr Rogaine, 5/09/2020 - Gundabooka
Event CoordinatorMichael Watts
Course SetterMichael Watts
MapperMichael Watts
VetterChris Waring, Rob Watson
Flag HangerMardi Barnes, John Barnes, David Griffith
Flag CollectorDavid Griffith, Phil Harding, Sandra Thomas
On the day helperDavid Griffith, Giles Peach, Judy Young, Lindsay Young
Trailer TowerPhill Yates
We needFlag Collector, Caterer, Photographer, First Aid
20LM - Lake Macquarie 6 and 12hr, 18/10/2020 - Watagans (Turpentine & The Pines)
Event CoordinatorBob Gilbert
Course SetterAnita Bickle, Bert van Netten
VetterNeil Chappell, Pam Montgomery, Bob Montgomery, Robert van Huestead
We needMapper, Flag Hanger(x2), Flag Collector(x4), Caterer, Photographer, First Aid, On the day helper(x3), Trailer Tower
20SGPP - Socialgaine and 57th Paddy Pallin - Willoughby-Joining-Us 6hr, 21/11/2020 - Willoughby
Event CoordinatorChris Stevenson
Course SetterVivien de Remy de Courcelles
MapperToni Bachvarova, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Andrew Smith
VetterMat Collin, Martin Cousins, Steve Ryan
Flag HangerMartin Cousins, Steve Ryan
Flag CollectorMartin Cousins, Ann Montgomery, Pam Montgomery, Steve Ryan, Phil Smyth
On the day helperMartin Cousins, Steve Ryan
We needCaterer, Photographer, First Aid, On the day helper, Trailer Tower


Thanks to all the members who have volunteered at recent events

20NB - Woronora Pipe Dreams - 3hr/5hrs Night Rogaine, 1/08/2020 - Sutherland-Woronora
Event CoordinatorTrevor Gollan
Course SetterAndrew Brown, Nicole Mealing
MapperAndrew Brown, Nicole Mealing
VetterMike Hotchkis
Flag HangerAndrew Brown, Nicole Mealing, Anna von Dewitz
Flag CollectorPeter Hopper, Sharon Lambert, Bob Montgomery, Ann Montgomery, Pam Montgomery, Brent Roylance, Su Li Sin
On the day helperJohn Clancy, Patrick Wilson
Trailer TowerChris Stevenson
Coach/MentorGill Fowler
20MI - Head to Head Minigaine 3hr, 23/02/2020 - Narrabeen
Event CoordinatorMartin Dearnley, Graham Field
Course SetterMartin Dearnley
MapperGraham Field
VetterJim Collier, Carley Finn, Tristan White
Flag HangerAndrew Brown, Jim Collier, Graham Field, Carley Finn, Nicole Mealing, Dale Thompson
Flag CollectorKath Anderson, John Anderson, Jim Collier, Peter Hopper, Sharon Lambert, Steve Ryan
CatererTristan White
First AidDale Thompson
On the day helperMardi Barnes, John Barnes, Andrew Brown, Jim Collier, Andrew Duerden, Nicole Mealing, Kim Randall, Steve Ryan, Tristan White
Trailer TowerGraham Field
19SS - Joint SSS/NSWRA Orienteering Event, 11/12/2019 - Pennant Hills
Event CoordinatorGill Fowler
Event AdministratorAndy Simpson
Course SetterGill Fowler
MapperGill Fowler
VetterJohn Anderson, Jeremy Fowler
Flag HangerJohn Anderson, Graham Field, Gill Fowler
Flag CollectorAndrew Brown, Martin Dearnley, Graham Field, Bruce Inglis, Amanda Mackie, Dale Thompson, Tristan White
On the day helperHamish Mackie, Michael Roylance, Mark Shingler
19SG - The Garigal Gasper Socialgaine, 24/11/2019 - Garigal NP
Event CoordinatorRichard Green, John Havranek
Course SetterJohn Cameron, Robin Cameron, Michael Minehan
MapperGraham Field
VetterJoel Mackay
Flag HangerBruce Inglis, Dale Thompson
Flag CollectorJohn Anderson, Kath Anderson, Jim Collier, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Kim Eales, Carley Finn, John Havranek, Bruce Inglis, Dale Thompson, Mike Ward, Margaret Waugh
On the day helperMish Carr, John Carroll, Emmanuelle Convert, Justine de Remy De Courcelles, Kim Eales
19SU - 2019 Surprise Rogaine, 3/6hr, 3/11/2019 - Lake Macquarie Nth - Fennell Bay
Event CoordinatorMargaret Peel, Geoff Peel
Event AdministratorAnita Bickle, Carolyn Rigby
Course SetterMargaret Peel, Geoff Peel
VetterMarg Cook, Rob Cook
Flag HangerMarg Cook, Rob Cook, Geoff Peel, Margaret Peel
CatererNeil Chappell, Glenn Downey, Baxter Peel, Adrian Plaskitt, Bert van Netten
Paddle AdviserAnita Bickle, Marg Cook, Rob Cook
Transition OfficialCarolyn Chalmers, Bob Gilbert, Denis Lyons, Viola O’Connor
Car ParkingNeil Chappell, Glenn Downey, Adrian Plaskitt, Bert van Netten
19NC - 2019 NSW Championships Rogaine, 21/09/2019 - Yengo National Park
Event CoordinatorGill Fowler
Event AdministratorAnita Bickle
Course SetterEmmanuelle Convert, Justine de Remy De Courcelles, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles
MapperPhilip Whitten
VetterGill Fowler, Philip Whitten
Flag HangerTom Brennan, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Gill Fowler, Rachel Grindlay, Richard Pattison, Andrew Pope, Belinda Pope, Mel Thomas
Flag collectorJohn Barnes, Mardi Barnes, Phil Harding, Ann Montgomery, Bob Montgomery, Pam Montgomery, Sandra Thomas
CatererTrevor Gollan, Belinda Pope, Shaun Pope, Nicholas Pope, Andrew Pope
PhotographerBruce Sutton
On the day helperAnita Bickle, Clinton Bradley, Trevor Gollan, Sam Hussein, Marta Khomyn, Graeme McLeod, Ann Newman, Shaun Pope, Belinda Pope, Nicholas Pope, Andrew Pope, Monica Wong
Multi-Day HelperPawel Wagner, Peter Watterson, Michael Watts, Philip Whitten
19LM - 2019 Lake Macquarie 6/12hr, 10/08/2019 - Watagans
Event CoordinatorBob Gilbert
Course SetterBob Montgomery, Pam Montgomery, Bert van Netten
MapperIan Dempsey
VetterAnita Bickle, Mick Cann, Bert van Netten
Flag CollectorNikki Brown, Neil Chappell, Jason Hollard, Ann Montgomery, Tracy Phillips
On the day helperAnita Bickle, Bob Montgomery, Carolyn Rigby, Carolyn Rigby
Trailer TowerBob Montgomery, Peter Morrison, Chris Stevenson
19NB - Nychtophobia Buster - Night Rogaine, 6/07/2019 - Hornsby Heights
Event CoordinatorChris Stevenson
Course SetterToni Bachvarova, Andrew Smith, Tristan White
MapperToni Bachvarova, Andrew Smith
VetterToni Bachvarova, Andrew Smith, Tristan White
Flag HangerToni Bachvarova, Matt Ryan, Andrew Smith, Tristan White
Flag CollectorKath Anderson, Graham Field, Matt Ryan
CatererDianne Stevenson
PhotographerJulian Ledger
First AidSteve Young
On the day helperIan Almond, John Anderson, Glenn DiSalvia, Marnie Holmes, Karen Jameyson, Julian Ledger, Bob Montgomery, Pam Montgomery, Ann Montgomery, Matthew Stevenson, Sophie Stevenson
Trailer TowerChris Stevenson
19PP - 56th Paddy Pallin 6hr Rogaine, 16/06/2019 - Upper Colo
Event CoordinatorIan Almond
Admin AssistantSu Beric, Emmanuelle Convert, Justine de Remy De Courcelles, Bert van Netten, Di Winchcombe
Course SetterMardi Barnes, John Barnes, Marg Cook, Rob Cook, Andrew Perry
MapperIan Almond
VetterAndrew Brown, Phil Harding, Nicole Mealing, Sandra Thomas
Flag HangerJohn Barnes, Mardi Barnes, David Barnes, Phil Harding, Andrew Perry, Brent Roylance, Su Li Sin, Sandra Thomas
Flag CollectorBronwyn Wilson
CatererJanet [no-surname], Linden Barnes, Eric Barnes, Richard Barnes, Trish Beat
PhotographerKim Eales
On the day helperJessica Almond, Jenifer Almond, Ian Almond, John Barnes, Mardi Barnes, Phil Harding, Bob Kenderes, Mark Schwarzel, Glenn Schwarzel, Sandra Thomas
Trailer TowerHugh Stodart
19AG - 2019 Autumngaine 6/12hr, 4/05/2019 - Ben Bullen
Event CoordinatorRichard Sage
Course SetterToni Bachvarova, Andrew Smith
MapperToni Bachvarova, Andrew Smith
VetterTristan White
Flag CollectorIan Almond, Mardi Barnes, John Barnes, Andrew Brown, Nihal Danis, Jock Davis, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Gill Fowler, Trevor Gollan, Mike Hotchkis, Nicole Mealing, Dom Pitot, Adrian Plaskitt, Rachel Poldy, Bronwyn Powell, Matt Ryan, Richard Sage, Brett Sewell, Corey Spink, Cameron Walsh, Peter Watterson, Philip Whitten
First AidCorey Spink
On the day helperMat Collin, Justine de Remy De Courcelles, Bob Montgomery, Matt Ryan, Brett Sewell, Corey Spink, Monica Wong
19ME - 2019 Metrogaine, 24/03/2019 - Springwood
Event CoordinatorMichael Watts
Admin AssistantRachel Merton
Course SetterTristan White
MapperGraham Field, Tristan White
VetterTova Gallagher, Greg King, Andy Macqueen, Christine Vibet, David Williams
Flag HangerTova Gallagher, Greg King, Andy Macqueen, Tristan White, David Williams
Flag CollectorJohn Anderson, Kath Anderson, Belinda Kenny
On the day helperGreg King, Andy Macqueen, Rachel Merton, David Williams
19MI - 2019 Minigaine 3hr, 24/02/2019 - Western Sydney Parklands
Event OrganiserLisa Gyecsek
In the day helperBrett Lansley
pre-event advisorTristan White
Flah CollectorTristan White
In the day helperMonica Wong
Course SetterLisa Gyecsek
MapperGraham Field
VetterBrett Lansley, Damon Vandermaat, Monica Wong
Flag HangerBrett Lansley, Monica Wong
Flag CollectorJohn Barnes, Mardi Barnes
On the day helperMardi Barnes, John Barnes, Kim Randall
Trailer TowerRichard Sage
Role to be determinedMartin Dearnley
18SG - Socialgaine, 25/11/2018 - Berowra
HangerToni Bachvarova
HH Key Collection from HSCMartin Dearnley
HangerLisa Gyecsek
Pre-event helperMarnie Holmes
with three childrenBob Kenderes
CollectorJulian Ledger
PhotographyGuy Micklethwait
CollectorAdrian Plaskitt
HangerAndrew Smith
On the Day Helper (Morning)Phil Smyth
Event CoordinatorTristan White
Course SetterTristan White
MapperGraham Field
VetterToni Bachvarova, Andrew Smith
Flag HangerGraham Field, Andrew Geelen, Marnie Holmes, Phil Smyth, Tristan White
Flag CollectorJohn Anderson, Martin Dearnley, Pam Montgomery, Bob Montgomery, Dale Thompson
PhotographerNicla Comparin
On the Day HelperAndrew Geelen, Lisa Gyecsek, John Havranek, Bob Kenderes, Pam Montgomery, Bob Montgomery
Trailer TowerPhil Mann
18SS - Sydney Summer Series Orienteering - 45min Score Event, 14/11/2018 - Roseville
MapGraham Field
Event OganiserGill Fowler
Event CoordinatorAndy Simpson
Event AdministratorAndy Simpson
Course SetterGill Fowler
VetterJohn Havranek
Flag HangerGraham Field, Andrew Lumsden, John Renzenbrink, Paula Shingler
Flag CollectorJohn Anderson, Louise Brooks, Mike Hotchkis, Amanda Mackie
18NC - NSW Champs, 22/09/2018 - Abercrombie
Event CoordinatorMichael Watts
Course SetterTrevor Gollan, Carl Mistler, Trent Oliver
VetterTrevor Gollan
Flag HangerMarg Cook, Rob Cook, Jean Douglass, Trevor Gollan, Ron Simpson
Flag CollectorPhil Harding, Bob Montgomery, Pam Montgomery, Sandra Thomas
PhotographerBruce Sutton
On the day helperPam Montgomery, Bob Montgomery, Clare Watts
Trailer TowerBob Montgomery, Pam Montgomery, Richard Sage, Michael Watts
18LM - Lake Macquarie, 18/08/2018 - Sugarloaf SCA
Event CoordinatorBob Gilbert, Carolyn Rigby
Course SetterBob Montgomery, Pam Montgomery, Bert van Netten
MapperPeter Charlton
VetterSamantha Howe, Bob Montgomery, Pam Montgomery, Bert van Netten
Flag HangerMick Cann, Samantha Howe, Pam Montgomery, Bob Montgomery, Bert van Netten
Flag CollectorAnita Bickle, Mick Cann, Jemma Duerden, Andrew Duerden, Phil Harding, Clint Lawrence, Bob Montgomery, Pam Montgomery, Sandra Thomas, Bert van Netten
Trailer TowerAnita Bickle, Peter Morrison
18PP - 55th Paddy Pallin 6hr Rogaine, 17/06/2018 - Cessnock area
TrailerAnita Bickle
Event CoordinatorBob Gilbert
Course SetterSamantha Howe
VetterIan Dempsey
Flag HangerIan Dempsey, Samantha Howe
Flag CollectorSamantha Howe, Adrian Plaskitt, Justin Stafford, Rob Vincent
On the day helperCarolyn Chalmers, Emmanuelle Convert, Lynda Hewson
18AG - Autumngaine, 12/05/2018 - Wingello
Event CoordinatorMike Hotchkis
Course SetterIan Almond, David Griffith, Mike Hotchkis, Chris Waring
MapperMike Hotchkis
VetterDavid Griffith, Mike Hotchkis, Chris Waring
Flag HangerMike Hotchkis
Flag collectorVivien de Remy de Courcelles, Andrew Duerden, Julian Ledger, Joel Mackay, Colleen Mock, Collin Mock, Chris Stevenson, Jonathan Worswick
On the day helperIan Almond, Nihal Danis, David Griffith, Debbie Hotchkis, Chris Waring, Bronwyn Wilson
Trailer TowerRichard Sage
18NW - Navigation Skills Workshop, 14/04/2018 - Rydal Showground
Navigation Coach/MentorIan Almond, Toni Bachvarova, Robin Cameron, John Cameron, John Clancy, Martin Dearnley, Andrew Duerden, Joel Mackay, Richard Sage, Andrew Smith, Dianne Stevenson, Chris Stevenson, Ronnie Taib, Phillip Titterton, Philip Whitten, Ted Woodley
Event CoordinatorGill Fowler
MapperGraham Field
18MI - Minigaine, 8/04/2018 - Scheyville NP
Event CoordinatorDavid Williams
Course SetterRonnie Taib, David Williams
MapperDavid Williams
VetterBrent Roylance, Su Li Sin
Flag HangerAndrew Lumsden
Flag CollectorGeoff Barnes, Keelan Birch, John Bulman, Elizabeth Bulman, Martin Cousins, Bart Dekker, Fergus Dixon, Andrew Geelen, Andrew Goddard, Melissa Muscat, Bruce O'Brien
PhotographerSteve Ryan
First AidGwen Sewell, Ronnie Taib
On the day helperKeelan Birch, Elena Koudasheva, Steve Ryan, Gwen Sewell, Ronnie Taib
Trailer TowerKeelan Birch
18ME - Metrogaine, 25/02/2018 - Randwick
Event CoordinatorGill Fowler
Course SetterSteve Ryan
MapperSteve Ryan
VetterMartin Dearnley
Flag HangerJohn Havranek
Flag CollectorJohn Anderson, Keelan Birch, Glenn Horrocks, Nicole Mealing, Steve Ryan, Ted Woodley
PhotographerJoanne Pun
On the day helperKeelan Birch, Nicole Mealing, Joanne Pun, Steve Ryan, Lou Vaccari
Trailer TowerKeelan Birch


.. and thanks to ALL the volunteers over the past years. Your contributions have helped our Association deliver fun and adventurous rogaines for all our members.


Ian AlmondGraham FieldViola O'Connor
Jenifer AlmondJaclyn FletcherHugh Percival
John AndersonKeith FoneTracy Phillips
Toni BachvarovaGill FowlerCarolyn Rigby
Mardi BarnesBob GilbertSteve Ryan
John BarnesStephen GoggsRichard Sage
Anita BickleTrevor GollanAndrew Smith
Keelan BirchLisa GyecsekPhil Smyth
Stacey BryceAndrew HaighChris Stevenson
Robin CameronNicole HaighDavid Stone
Mick CannJohn HavranekPetrea Stuart
Vince CarolanRobert HerkesPaul Vale
John ClancyLynda HewsonCorrine Vale
Emmanuelle ConvertDaniel HirshfieldBert van Netten
Ian CrossMike HotchkisDamon Vandermaat
Lara D'AbreoSamantha HoweRobert Vincent
Sema DanisSue JacksonMark von Huben
Nejdet DanisGreg KingMike Ward
Nihal DanisJulian LedgerMichael Watts
Vivien de Remy de CourcellesAndy MacqueenTristan White
Martin DearnleyColleen MockBridget Whitehead
Ian DempseyCollin MockPhilip Whitten
Karen DuerdenBob MontgomeryBronwyn Wilson
Andrew DuerdenPam MontgomeryTed Woodley
Jemma DuerdenDamian Morris


John BarnesDug FloydSimone McGinley
Mardi BarnesKeith FonePam Montgomery
Anita BickleAndrew GoldstiverBob Montgomery
Robin CameronEmily GoldstiverAlan Osland
Lee CoadyTrevor GollanAmanda Parker
Emmanuelle ConvertPeter GrayOliver Pitman
Ian CrakanthorpLisa GyecsekChris Stevenson
Duncan CrossAmanda HudsonRonnie Taib
Roland CziferszkyBen ItzsteinMark von Huben
Vivien de Remy de CourcellesTim KeighleyDavid Williams
Martin DearnleyBrett LansleyMonica Wong
Benjamin DougallCorinna LuegTina Woollard
Graham FieldAlan MansfieldDaniel Hirshfield


Ian AlmondAndrew DuerdenTrevor Gollan
Jess BakerGraham FieldSamantha Howe
Martin DearnleyGill FowlerBert van Netten


Ian AlmondRichard MountstephensBert van Netten
Toni BachvarovaSteve RyanDavid Williams
Jeremy FowlerAndrew SmithTed Woodley
Trevor GollanRonnie TaibBenjamin Dougall


Ian AlmondWarwick DoughertyBert van Netten
Marg CookTrevor GollanTed Woodley
Rob CookJoel MackayBert van Netten