Are you a Serious Rogainer?

Well here is your opportunity to find out by answering twenty simple  questions.

All questions are multiple choice, just choose the single answer that best fits you.

1. During a rogaine do you?
2. Do you intuitively know which way is north?
3. Your good friend is in a different team - do you?
4. There is an 8 hour and 24 hour event on offer. Do you?
5. You need a partner for the next rogaine. Do you?
6. The event has finished, what do you do with the map?
7. How many rogaines do you do each year?
8. During the event what do you and your team mate talk about?
9. Most people have not heard of rogaining. At a party do you?
10. It's night time and you need to cross a river. Do you?
11. You end up bleeding at the end of the event. Do you?
12. How do you choose food for a rogaine?
13. You partner thinks the next control is this way. You disagree. Do you?
14. Your friend is a keen orienteer. Do you?
15. Do you know your stride length?
16. What is a valid excuse for missing a rogaine?
17. It starts  to rain heavily during an event. Do you?
18. The next event is a night one. Do you?
19. How do you choose footware for your rogaines?
20. There's an all night café on the course. Do you?