On the 3rd January I suggested on Facebook that, depending on interest in our rogaining community, we could run some training for course setters

What a pleasing response!  30-odd expressions of interest

Consequently we have scheduled a workshop on 8-Feb, with a focus on making maps and the associated computer apps.  This first workshop will be restricted to 10-15 people who have committed to setting a rogaine in the next 12 months or who have recently been involved in organising a course and seek extra skills.  An invitation to those people was issued in the last day or two

After the workshop we will review its effectiveness and schedule a re-run … it’ll be sometime later this year and open to anyone who wants to set rogaines.  We will also look at how to incorporate other syllabus items such as land access and course-setting standards

I’d like to especially thank Graham Field for his efforts thus far.  Graham is the coordinator for the workshop, supported by a bunch of experienced cartologists

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