2022 Minigaine
"Cherry Pye-gaine "


3hr Minigaine


Sunday 27th Feb 2022



How Much:

Adult: $35    Concession: $25   Child <14 free

Entries Close:



If you see any problems with the results, please let me know at webmaster@nswrogaining.org

Course Changes:

We are cutting 17 controls out of tomorrow’s map because some of the creek crossings on Berowra Creek are unsafe. We still think the best teams will not clear the course.
Please pay attention to the changes when you register tomorrow and listen carefully to the briefing.

Weather Alert:

For those competing this Sunday you may have noticed it is raining and the forecast is for a good a deal more rain. The creeks on the map do not have big catchments, but they do go up and down rapidly when it rains.
If the BOM predictions are correct, the event will proceed but on a reduced course that doesn’t take involve crossing Berowra creek or its major tributaries, but don’t worry there will still be plenty of controls left and some good bush to take in.
In any case keep your eye on the Facebook group and the website and listen carefully to pre-event instructions.


We are really looking forward to the 2022 minigaine. We have had a long COVID enforced hiatus in our rogaining program, so it is time to hit the bush and get fit for this event.

The Hash House will be at 1st Cherrybrook Scout Hall in Cherrybrook, only 30mins from the CBD.

This is the first time that rogaining has visited Cherrybrook, although long term rogainers will note that the 2006 Metrogaine overlapped this area, but had its hash house in Pennant Hills.

The event will  start at 9:00am and finish at midday with maps available from 7:30am.

At this stage we are planning on a mass start with hot and cold food being available straight after the event, but stay tuned in case COVID restrictions dictate a different starting time or process. The current COVID rules for sporting events in NSW can be found here:

You may enter solo or put together a team of up to 5 people.

Event related queries can be directed to: admin@nswrogaining.org

The Course:

Cherrybrook is a great place for the 3hr minigaine. The suburb is encircled by picturesque walking tracks and the east of the course will take in some beautiful country and some tricky navigation.

The Cherrybrook suburb is on a plateau surrounded by creeks. The plateau itself is undulating and there will be plenty of controls available without any heroic  climbs or descents. For those of you chasing high point controls the course will take in many tracks, creek crossing and some steep hills that will give your legs a good workout in the three hours.

Places and routes such as the Callicoma Walk, The Jungo, the Blackwattle trail, the Cascades and the Lakes of Cherrybrook will all be competing for your attention.

Your one regret will be that you only have three hours to explore it all. 


This is the perfect event for  novices to give rogaining a go. There will be expert rogainers on hand before the start to give you all the assistance you need and there is also a lot of information on our web site : https://nswrogaining.org/novices. If you have any questions please contact our event adminstrators, who would love to help. admin@nswrogaining.org

COVID Constraints:

Our objective is to keep you healthy so you can keep rogaining, as such the following procedures will be put in place to minimise the risk of COVID transmission at this event:

  • A mask MUST be worn when entering the Scout Hall to collect a map (or for any other purpose). We will have spares on hand in case you forget yours.
  • You are encouraged to wear a mask for the pre-event briefing, mass start and post event (except when eating).
  • While we will have a quick pre-event briefing we will not have any post event presentations. Results will be posted straight to the internet and will be available shortly after the event finishes.
  • COVID Safe Check In is not required. (We have your details if we need to chase you up).
  • 1st Cherrybrook Scouts will be serving food. It will be delivered in a fashion that will minimise queueing.
  • In line with our recent events, the “punches” will be hung on a bracket so that you can register your visit without touching the control with your hands. I know this is a slightly painful process but rogainers with sweaty hands are an obvious source of cross infection.
  • At the end you will be ask to cut off your own wrist bands with the scissors provided and place the navlight recorder into a bucket containing disinfectant.

Partner Finding Service:

Please note that this is the one event each year where you do not require a partner. Having said that having a partner makes the event more fun and helps with knowledge acquisition.