Graham Field – 28/05/2024

This may not seem the like a topic that instantly draws you in with anticipation of a good read.  To be honest, I’d rather be out there exploring the bush with map and compass in hand than sitting here doing something resembling real work, but this is important.

2024 Strategic Plan
2024 Strategic Plan

We .. NSW Rogaining .. the sport, not the Committee .. are in pretty good shape.  We’re not going under financially and we’re getting pretty good attendances at events – so why do we need to be doing anything different?  Well, we’re in this position because the people who put our last Strategic Plans did a pretty good job .. hats off to Trev and Gill and all before for bringing us this far.  Nothing radical needs to change, but we do need to critically look at who we are now, how the sport might have changed, how society might have changed and what we need to do to keep up and continue to make this sport as challenging now as it ever was.

A group of rogainers of varying ages and abilities representing a cross section of the sport got together on a hot afternoon in December 2023 to ‘workshop’ our sport.  This resulted, through several iterations in a Strategic Plan that will soon be finally reviewed and accepted by the NSWRA Committee. 

Some of the key elements of the plan are:

The plan has now been adopted by the NSWRA Committee and we are working out how to address the list of tasks that have popped out.  It’s a working document, so even though it’s titled 2024-2029 Strategic Plan, it will be reviewed annually and updated as required.

You can read it here: and make any comments below or by sending me an email at

Thanks for your indulgence .. hope you made it this far.  Your regular blog service will resume now.


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