There aren’t many rogaines happening at the moment, so here is a NSW Rogaine Questionnaire to get you into a rogaine ‘headspace’ that will help organizers, to better understand the level of rogaine ‘literacy’ within the rogaine community, and plan enjoyable events,

Email (optional) if you want us to send you a copy of your results. Otherwise you can see them at the end of the quiz. We will not save this email address or use it for any other purpose.

(1 Points) The ‘thing’ you use to prove you have made it to the flag is the:

(1 Point) The point marked in the centre of the control/checkpoint circle on the map always marks the precise location of the flag.

(1 Points) "A" knoll implies the flag is placed on:

(1 Points) "The" knoll implies the control flag is placed on:

(1 Point) Which of the following is correct?

(1 Point) A gully:

(1 Point) A knoll is:

(1 Point) A spur:

(1 Point) A ridge:

(1 Point) Using the term ‘cliff’ implies:

(1 Point) The term ‘cliff’ is:

(1 Point) A saddle:

(1 Point) An ‘attack point’:

(1 Point) A "catching feature'

(1 Point) An ‘attack point’ and a ‘catching feature’ can both be useful for navigating to a checkpoint/control.

(1 Point) What is the origin of the name "Rogaine"?

(0 Points) How many rogaines have you done?

(0 Points) How many years ago did you start rogaining?

(0 Points) The feature I typically like the least because it tends to be difficult to find is a:

(0 Points) Given the range of rogaine terminology that exists, it would be useful to have a glossary provided with each rogaine event.

(0 Points) What do you call the location of the circle on the map?

(0 Points) In addition to using a compass when I navigate I typically:

(0 Points) I have not previously paced out (or have forgotten) how many steps I take to move 100 m, so if rogaines had a 100 m distance marked, I would find that useful

(0 Points) A rogaine that included a checkpoint/control that was not marked on the map and provided ‘bonus’ points if you happened to find it would be:

(0 Points) Orange clothing should be banned so rogainers can’t be confused with flags:

(0 Points) Would you like to have a small "dot" inside the circle marking the exact location of the flag?

(0 Points) To make it fair for a night time event, only one type of headlamp should be allowed.

(0 Points) I would like rogaines to:

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