Rogaining 2023 by Numbers

The NSW Rogaining Organising Committee / Board are having a strategic planning session in December to redo our 5 year plan. In preparation for this session, I have collected the following statistics to help reflect on the sport we love. 2023 In Numbers High Level Entrant Data (One member can appear multiple times) Number of […]

Go West for the Australian Rogaining Championships – 7/8 September 2024

2024 Australian Rogaining Championship in WA

I once went to Western Australia for a week and ended up staying nine years! If you have never been, it’s a great place …. and what better excuse than to make a first time visit than for the 2024 Australian Rogaining Championships on 7/8 September. The details are already up on the WARA website: […]

2023 World Rogaining Championships – Lake Tahoe, California

Tamsin Barnes and Julian Ledger

I attended the first world championships way back when in 1992 in the gold mining country around Beechworth, Victoria. Arguably the event was a bit premature (most competitors were Aussies) but it was statement of confidence about where the sport wanted to go. I made it to the next three championships held biannually at Mt […]


It’s always frustrating — and humbling — to make a navigation blue right at the start. No, I’m not talking about a recent rogaine, but my experience while vetting the forthcoming course for the Oz Champs at Goobang NP and adjacent farmland. For those not familiar with the process, the purpose of vetting is basically […]

2023 NSW Paddy Pallin 6hr Rogaine recap – Oscar Woolford

We opted for the approach of “plan for less and you can always get more”, but in a way where we wouldn’t skip too much early on. Our starting plan actually excluded controls 50, 34, 31, 12 & 23, and also had a potential shortcut from 61 to 49 if we were running short on […]

My 100 not out!

The Autumngaine at Stroud (thanks to Mat Collin for all his hard work) was my 100th NSW Rogaine which is a bit of a milestone for me. If you add ACT events and ones I volunteered at, rather than competing, then perhaps the total is closer to 140, but that is nothing in comparison to […]

The Controversial Control Coverup

I am sure that many of you will have noticed, on the weekend, that the controls were covered with orange PVC pipe and there was not a steel cover in sight. There is a back story to this involving the type of punch used and the covers. It became clear many years ago that we […]

My Wrap of the Bantry Bay Leechgaine

Congratulations to Steve Ryan and other volunteers for putting on this very sucessful event. Steve set the course, made the map and also acted as the event co-ordinator. Three roles normally done by three different people and all completed with a very high degree of success. I suspect that, given more time, Steve may have […]

Children and Rogaining

– by Brett Davis Children have a special place in rogaining, especially in NSW – and they don’t even have to obey the rules like everyone else! The “Rules and Regulations” page of the New South Wales Rogaining Association (NSWRA) website states that “Rogaines in NSW conform to the Competition Rules and Technical Regulations laid […]