Nobel Nyctophobia

Julian Ledger – 6 July 2019 So swiftly the sun sets in the sky You rise up and say goodbye to no one Fools rush in where angels fear to tread Jokerman Dance to the nightingale tune Bird fly high by the light of the moon Jokerman Sometimes my burden is more than I can […]

Making Rogaining Professional – A History of the Navlight Scoring System

By Tristan White 29-Nov-2019 Those who partook in their first rogaine within the past decade will most likely only know the electronic scoring system known as “Navlight,” used at all NSW (and most other Australian) rogaines. In addition to simplicity of registering or “punching” a tag at the checkpoint and bringing up the results within […]

Paddlegaine 2019, Coordinators Report from Geoff Peel

THE GENESIS While researching the 2017 world orienteering day, Margaret stumbled across a South African based paddle orienteering event and thought – “we can do that”. The seed was planted but it needed a lot of effort to finally germinate. THE EVOLUTION Initially slated as a Newcastle Orienteering event for 20 people or so, we […]

2019 NSW Championships in Review – The Step Up Rogaine

Thoughts and reports on the NSW Champs, 20-21 September 2019 Yengo National Park is a large (150,000 hectare) tract of land in the north-eastern section of the world-heritage Greater Blue Mountains Area. It doesn’t get many visitors, much of it is declared wilderness, and it’s only 100km from the Sydney CBD. It’s classic Sydney-sandstone country; […]

Mike Hotchkis Reaches Checkpoint 200

Posted on 27/09/2019 by Tristan White Recent committee meetings have included discussion about ways to reward repeat offenders at rogaines, perhaps a token such as a headband after they go to their 5th rogaine. But what about those that just keep coming back until they reach their 200th event? This is something we have also […]

Ian and Trev reminisce – 40 years of rogaining

(from Trevor Gollan, 23 Aug 2019) For 40 years Ian Dempsey has been a regular rogainer and in the 80’s and 90’s had a vital role in organising and promoting the sport in NSW. I first met Ian in 1988 but this year was the first time we’ve teamed together to compete, at the 2019 […]

World Rogaining Champs 2019 Wrap-up

(from Tristan White, 18 Aug 2019) Last month we had six NSW teams proudly represent us at the World Rogaining Championships in La Molina, Spain on the 27–28th July. We congratulate all teams for making this great journey across the world and completing the event, with NSW (and honorary NSW teams) teams listed below (full […]