Posted on 4/05/2015 by Dominique Pitot

A big thankyou

Yesterday, while participating in the Dharug Dreamtime 6 hour Autumn Rogaine, I slipped and banged my head against a rock. Team 58 were nearby and rushed to my assistance. I would like to thank Tom, Floret and Jeff Meredith for the amazing help they gave in looking after me, cleaning the wound and patching me up. I believe it was not a pretty sight, so thanks for not fainting on me.

The Meredith’s refused to continue until they could see that I was able to make my way back to the Hash House, which was a couple of kilometres away. I had to pass the “Who are you”, “How many fingers”, “Follow the finger” and many other tests before they helped me to my feet. Despite being in a race and with their points in jeopardy, they spent a long time with me ensuring my safety, and for that I thank them. My team then shepherded me back to the Hash House, across raging rivers and waterfalls. What a rogaine!

I would also like to thank the crew at the Hash House, for all their concern and assistance. I was taken to Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital for a CAT scan, where they discovered a tiny fracture and a giant leech. Six stitches later, I was on my way home. I look a bit of a mess, slightly worse then normal, but all is well.

Thanks again

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