2013 – A great year for Rogaining in New South Wales

There is a bit of space at the front of our place and for the past few years it has been home to the two rogaining box trailers. They are known affectionately as the Admin trailer and the Catering trailer and act as mobile storage containers for all the stuff it takes to put on […]

Welcome to Rogaining – 2014 style

There’s a large bubble in my compass which has appeared from nowhere over summer.  However as the first two events of the year have both been on tracks it has not yet been an issue. The Boardwalk Bonanza Minigaine on the 29 March was at 1:10,000 scale and the detail of the Orienteering maps was […]

A Few Good Men (Team 97) and a lot of rain

Chris Stevenson The 2016 Paddy Pallin did not disappoint. The Bureau of Meteorology delivered the expected amount of rain. It rained 27.8mm during the 6 hours of the event. Looking around at the start there seemed to be three takes on how to dress for the weather: Wear very little and go hard to stay […]

2019 NSW Championships in Review – The Step Up Rogaine

Thoughts and reports on the NSW Champs, 20-21 September 2019 Yengo National Park is a large (150,000 hectare) tract of land in the north-eastern section of the world-heritage Greater Blue Mountains Area. It doesn’t get many visitors, much of it is declared wilderness, and it’s only 100km from the Sydney CBD. It’s classic Sydney-sandstone country; […]

Blisters for Vistas

The Socialgaine was developed to give the regular rogainer a different perspective on the environment. ¼ way between the, all urbane Metrogaine and the largely bush Rogaine. You can go all out and sprint for the 6 hours, or perhaps sip a leisurely coffee at a conveniently located checkpoint coffee house, or slip into the […]

Winter Wrap 2015

Winter wrap Now is the winter of our discontent Made glorious summer by three fabulous rogaines With apologies to Shakespeare and Richard 3rd. Despite Sydney’s coldest winter for 26 years it has been champagne conditions for NSW rogainers with great events in June, July and August. Paddy Pallin The first of the winter rogaines was […]

Rogaining Partners – Who needs them!

Posted by Chris Stevenson on 3/10/2001 This article originally written by Sue Clarke, from Newsletter 30, September 1991 Why are rogaines run in pairs? The easy answer is, of course, for safety. However, there is considerable scientific evidence to show that safety is not the major reason for the great attachment that most rogainers have for […]

Egadz! – I’ve become a sports administrator

This article is taken from Newsletter 34, July 1992, written by Warwick Marsden Ian McKenzie’s two articles in our March newsletter (on selection of teams for the World Champs and whether there should be a change to the convention whereby only the 24 hour event is given championship status) and Michael Burton’s follow up in […]

“Sugarloaf Spectacular” Metrogaine

Posted by Chris Stevenson on 20/02/2010 G’day rogainers, From Richard’s report I see he and his team turned on another very successful event.   Tell us here about your experience at this rogaine and any suggestions that may make for better future rogaines.    If you took any photos and would like to add them to […]

What is our balance of events like?

Posted on 2/11/2011 by Joel Mackay Here at the NSWRA committee, we are often pondering over whether we have too many shorter and/or urban events – compared to longer and more distant bush events, or whether we should even be having *more* of them, since they seem to attract larger fields. We do have a […]