MapRunF - Western Sydney Parklands

Original event date24th Feb 2019
Duration3 hours
GPS Tolerance15m
Changes from the original event:
  • The area north and west of The Horsley Drive is now out of bounds.
  • There is no access through Calmsley Farm in the SW quadrant of the map – access permission was for the original event only. Control 49 was originally in this area and it has now been moved approximately 1km to the NW. The map has been updated to reflect these changes.
Start LocationYou can Start at any control. If you do, you must finish at the same control. The original HH is at a pretty good location for parking and amenities. See notes below.
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Map and Event Files
Original Event
The HH is located at the Grevillea Shelter via the Lizard Log entrance to Western Sydney Parklands.
Entrance to the park is off the intersection (roundabout) between Cowpasture Road and the Horsley Drive, Bossley Park