MapRun6/7 - Lane Cove Rivergaine V

Original event dateSunday 19th November 2023
Duration6 hours
GPS Tolerance15m
Changes from the original event:No map changes – but take care that some road and freeway crossings may not be available due to ongoing and changeable roadworks.
Double points hour and the bonus for bagging the two lighthouses are not available. You can however punch 120 anytime.
The map is available as a multipage A4 document. This includes the list of controls and the Course Setters’ Notes. The original A3 event map is also available. See the links below.
Maprun event/updates:25/11/2023
• Late penalty is 10pts per minute as per NSWRA Standard.
Start LocationYou can Start at any control. If you do, you must finish at the same control.
The original HH was at the  North Sydney Community Centre. This is still a good place to start as there is undercover, free parking in the Miller St Car Park on the weekend.
LinksGoogle Maps Link to HH
Map and Event Files
Original Event
MapRun7 LinkScan or tap the QR code below to run the event directly MapRun7 (recommended)
The HH is located at the North Sydney Community Centre, 220 Miller Street