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Posted on 17/10/2016 by Alan Mansfield

From the Event page – “Congratulations to Rochelle Duerden and Mitchell Lindbeck who, after the correction of a punch failure, have been propelled to 1st place in the U23 category. Commiserations to Ivan Koudashev and Elena Koudasheva who have been bounced into 2nd place in the U23 category as a consequence. Ivan and Elena are fine athletes who, as a team, are well under 23 and will be competing and presumably winning the U23 category for years to come.”

I believe I saw Ivan & Elena run in to the finish line, it was fun to watch a sibling cheer them on, and to see an obviously young team finish so strongly on a glorious day in a glorious location.

Thanks to the competitors and organizing team it was a fun event to provide the catering for.

Great location, fine weather and maybe the best Hash House site I have seen apart from the westerly wind.

3 Replies to “Great finish to the NSW Champs – U23s”

  1. Trevor Gollan on 17/10/2016 at 9:32 pm says:

Don’t complain about the westerly wind, Alan, I didn’t enjoy it either, but at 5am today the rain squalls commenced – including the westerly wind

This morning it was 7° cold – bleak and unpleasant – so we had the best of the weather on the weekend. I waited in my car for the marquee and toilet collectors, with the engine running, heater on 20° and carseat warmer thumping

I’m very thankful we didn’t have that weather yesterday

2. Tristan White on 18/10/2016 at 10:09 pm says:

Worth noting that it really was Mitch’s last chance for a U23 victory – Sunday was his 23rd birthday! Well done to all!

3. Alan Mansfield on 19/10/2016 at 8:20 pm says:

An essential requirement for a competitive rogainer – good timing.
Trevor you paint a bleak picture of Monday.

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