Lake Macquarie Paddle & Promenade Rogaine


3hr Paddlegaine


Sunday 3rd November at 9am


Lake Macquarie

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The “surprise” November Rogaine will be a 3 hour Paddlegaine on the quiet waters of beautiful Lake Macquarie. Dust off your canoes and kayaks and mark the date on your calendar. Is this a first for NSW Rogaining? You’ve asked for it and we’ve delivered – a paddlegaine was  among the popular requested activities on a recent Rogaining survey – so here it is. This should be a fun, novelty event, as social or as competitive as you wish to make it.

You will have 3 hours to paddle your way around quiet bays, backwaters and creeks picking up checkpoints along the way, but wait there’s more. Two “Transition Checkpoints” allow you to dock your vessel and head off on foot into the local urban and bushland areas to collect land based controls. As usual it’s all up to you as to where you go and by which route you get there.

The location is approx 80 mins from Wahroonga, 25 mins from Broadmeadow and 35 mins from Maitland.

Start will at 9:00 am on Sunday 3rd November 2019

Entry Fee

  • Singles – $40
  • Single Concession – $28
  • Double – 2 x $40
  • Double concession – 1 x $28 + 1 x $40 or (2 x $28)

Singles (one person in a single seater).
Doubles (two persons in a double seater). If you want to use a double seater but go solo, you would be considered a single.
Triples are not permitted unless occupied by two or less people.

Suitable Paddlecraft

  • Craft paddled forwards with a single or double, hand held blade. eg kayak, canoe, ski, sit on, SUP.
  • Longer racing craft may have trouble manoeuvring in sections of some creeks and waterways.
  • NO Pedal powered, NO sail powered, NO Rear facing eg rowing sculls, NO surfboards

Safety – Compulsory

  • Approved PFD’s (life vests) to be worn at all times while on water
  • Must carry a whistle
  • Covered footwear must be worn at all times
  • Must attend the Briefing
  • Must have basic competency with the type of craft you are paddling.

Safety Crew/First Aid

  • NSW State Emergency Services in attendance with up to 4 safety boats.

Age restrictions

  • Must be 14 years or over (at event date)
  • 14-15’s need to stay within 10 metres of a supervising adult
  • Under 18’s require parent/guardian signature

Individual Entries

  • NSW Rogaining allows for individual entry in events of 3 hours or less
  • NO Teams, simply “singles” & “doubles” but you are free to accompany anyone you choose to.


  • Single or Double Craft
  • Men – Women – Mixed (double craft only)
  • Open < 50 or Veteran >= 50 (both if a double)


  • A post event sausage sizzle will allow you time to socialise after the event.
  • A simple menu will include sausage sandwiches, (veg option available), cakes, fruit and cold drinks
  • Presentations will be held as soon as possible after results are tallied


  • We retain the right to postpone/cancel the event should bad weather cause unsafe conditions
  • Much of the area is quite shallow. Subsurface dangers may include but are not limited to – submerged logs, rocks, oysters, razor fish, broken glass. For this reason enclosed shoes must be worn at all times.
  • We retain the right to limit the number of entries should we need to do so.