2023 Row-gaine

This event has been cancelled

The Rowgaine has been postponed, to a date yet to be determined, because we have been unable to get all the permissions required to run the event.

Full refunds will be issued.
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.


4hr Paddlegaine


Saturday 24th June


South Near Nowra


Adult: $80 Concession: $56

Competitors 14 years and under are free..

Entries Close:

You have missed the boat!


This 2023 “Paddy Paddlin’ ROW’gaine” is a 4 hour event being run in conjunction with Paddy Pallin and the Festival of the Canoe and Kayak (F.O.C.K.)

  • Please note that all people, canoes and kayaks (BYO or Hire) will be transported from the FOCK festival gounds at Kangaroo Valley to the start by bus with a kayak/ canoe capable trailer. The bus fare is included in entry fee. At the start you will be given a map and after planning your course you may start anytime within your 30 minute allotted window.
    Rogainers may not take their cars or kayaks to the event start.
  • The event is 4 hours long. There won’t be mass starts; you will pick from available time windows, and you will log your actual start time when you hand in your indemnity form and receive your punch card. 
  • 1st North Sydney are catering. (Thanks very much).
  • Festival and program information here: https://www.thefock.com.au/program

Special Conditions:

This event has a few special conditions of which you should be aware before entering:

  1. We’re capping the event at 300 people.
  2. The event has a cap of 200 vessels. 
  3. In addition to the 200 vessel total, there is an 80 vessel cap on bring-your-own-boats (BYOB) — 120 boats will have to be hired. BYOB, all entries are on a first come first served basis.
  4. We have two categories of vessel:
    • BYOB (anything people bring themselves, including personal canoes, sit on tops, inflatable flamingoes, etc)
    • Hire canoes from Valley Outdoors.
  5. There will be different categories for this event.
    • Female – Hire Canoe
    • Male – Hire Canoe
    • Mixed – Hire Canoe
    • Female – BYOB
    • Male – BYOB
    • Mixed – BYOB
  6. Since BYOB can span a wide variety of vessel types and scoring is manual, those team categories get assigned on the day. We may also have a novelty class (watch this space).
  7.  When you complete the entry form you select if you want to hire a canoe or use your own. It costs an additional $80 to hire a canoe that can hold two adults or two adults plus one <14 year old.
  8. Teams are standard rogaining size – 2-5 entrants per team, no soloists. (Teams can have multiple watercrafts, but they must stay together.)
  9. Wherever possible, we’ve avoided the necessity to leave your boat (there will be campground loos marked on the map).
  10. We will not be using Navlights. We will be going old school and using punches (if you are old enough to remember those)

Questions can be directed to admin@nswrogaining.org