Nyctophobia Buster

Will you be Forever?


Sat 6th Jul 2019


Hornsby Heights


Two events 5 and 2.5 hour, both starting at 4:51pm


Adults: $60, Concession $45, < 14 Free

Entries Close:

Late entries are closed.

If you see any problems with the results please let the Webmaster know at [email protected]

Scary Team Names:

Our poorly qualified and under worked judges have picked the winner of the scariest team name competition.

The winner is: "Rest in Pieces" team number 89, Cooper Horley and Adam Horley. Congratulations.

Aside from the winner, honourable mentions go to:

  • The Bushwalking Dead - A nice turn on "The Walking Dead", also how you will feel at the end of the event
  • Four more years of Donald Trump - It's not just rogainers who are scared of this
  • Wasn't there 3 of them? - A funny offering from a team of two. Also an event organiser's nightmare
  • In the bush no one can hear you whistle - Thank goodness, I hate happy rogainers
  • Silence of the lamps - Clever double entendre
  • Witch Way - A rogaining appropriate play on words
  • Midnight Stalkers
  • Mutant Dropbears - If only they were real, our events would be even more exciting
  • Moonlight Psychopaths - There will be a few on the course during the event
  • Description:

    This event is open to everyone in a team of 2-5 participants and we are particularly encouraging beginners of night navigation.

    The Hash House will be at the Hornsby Heights Scout Hall and for the survivors there will be a snack, tea and coffee served after the event. Make sure every team member has a headlight and each team should carry a spare.

    For those of you who are not quite ready to embrace the scary and lonely bush at night there will be lots of controls available in suburbia and within easy striking distance of the street lamps.

    For those of you ready to embrace night navigation we can guarantee spiders, hidden snakes, scary animals, unexplained noises and if you are really lucky you will be lost and frightened.

    Special Features:

    In keeping with our theme for this event there will be two competitions:
  • Best scary team name
  • Best scary costume at briefing (We will make sure you will have an opportunity to change before the event starts).
  • So get out your fake blood and vampire teeth and get yourself a partner for this once off event. (P.S. If getting dressed up sounds like too much work, then don't bother. It's the skill, competition and experience that is important).

    Any enquiries can be directed to [email protected]