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G'day Rogainers,

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6hr/12hr Autumngaine Wrap Up.

Well done to everyone who competed in the 6 or 12 hour event in the Tarlo River Gorge last Saturday in near perfect rogaining weather. I’m sure you will agree with me, there was some spectacular, if steep, country to be explored with some great views and rock faces. I personally found it a well-set course with no obvious route choices giving competitors the chance to really plan their route methodically. Not to mention the first time I’ve ever seen 200-pointers on a rogaine!

You've probably gotten wind that there's a competition here...

Special mention to 12h overall winners David Williams and Ronnie Taib (pictured, with NSWRA president Gill Fowler) who obviously timed their route perfectly, clearing the course and returning with 5 minutes to spare. Also shout out to 6h winners Peter Preston and Ben Rattray, who managed to collect two thirds of the total points!

Thank you again to Trevor Gollan and his team of helpers for once again running a great event.

Event Co-ordinator’s Report

See full results here

Paddy Pallin 6hr Rogaine - Sun 19 June 2016. Entries Now Open!

The next event is just around the corner, Peter Charlton, Bob Gilbert and Bert Van Netten have been working hard to provide another great course in the Catherine Hill Bay region, south of Newcastle.

The area features magnificent coastal scenery, historical sites, rainforest and palm covered valleys, miners’ cottages and a pub. The terrain is varied with areas of open woodland, beaches and rock platforms, coastal wetlands and headland lookouts each with their navigational challenges.

The course will suit all levels of rogainers. You can stroll along the beach into town, partake in refreshments in the pub and stroll home for a meal provided by 1st Waitara Scouts. Alternatively, the runners and fast walkers can undertake the challenges of the extremities of the course.

NavShield 2016 – Sat 2-Sun 3 July 2016

Each year the Bushwalkers Rescue Squad hosts a 29 ½ (!) hour rogaine on the first weekend of July. Although it is aimed as being a training event for emergency services groups, there is a special “rogainers” category. Plus Vivien our event administrator is organising this one! If you are looking for more opportunities to sharpen your navigation skills, NavShield is a perfect opportunity to do so. With the course generally set in a dense, mountainous region and the controls placed in subtler locations than in a typical NSWRA event, it will test your navigation skills like few other events would…

A final chance to prepare for the imminent World Champs!

More Info Here

World Rogaining Championships 2016 – Entries Still Open!

There are still some spots available for the World Rogaining Championships, to be held in the McDonnell Ranges, near Alice Springs on 23/24 July, 2016.

Check out the website for more information on this unique opportunity to compete for a world title on Australian soil!

Thank You!

A big thank you to Trevor Gollan for helping out by towing the Admin trailer to the last event, and to Bob and Pam Montgomery for taking it to Newcastle in prep for the next event. The association has a small box trailer and a large box trailer to carry our gear to events.

Rogaining makes the papers!

Click here... to read an article about rogaining published 27th May 2016, in the lifestyle section of the Australian Financial Review.

Call for Volunteers

Our sport depends on people contributing time and energy to the organisation of our events. See the volunteers calendar and if you’d like to put your hand up, or know more about roles please get in touch with Dale at or contact the event organiser.

Not ready for a major role? How about helping out as an assistant to the registration team or event organiser? There are also other odd jobs that require assistance during the year such as equipment maintenance, trailer towing, administrative tasks (such as searching for a better insurance deal), etc.

Calendar of Events 2016

Our events for 2016 can be found here...

Tristan White

Publicity Officer

NSW Rogaining Association

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