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25th Anniversary of the Lake Macquarie Rogaine

Saturday 20th August 2016

Entries are open on the event page here...

This event was a controversial event within rogaining circles when it was first run in 1992. Bert LegendFunding for the event from the Lake Macquarie Council was used as prize money to try to attract elite competitors to our sport. In those early years, the event was dubbed “The Dash for Cash”.

Although the event no longer offers prize money, the Lake Macquarie Council kindly continues to financially support the annual event. The longevity of this event is testament to the dedication of one of NSWRA’s life members, Bert VanNetten, who has played a major role in the organisation of each and every Lake Macquarie Rogaine. Thanks Bert. Please join us for the 25th Lake Macquarie Rogaine on the Sugarloaf Range west of Newcastle on Saturday August 20th 2016.

2016 Paddy Pallin 6 Hr Rogaine

Sun 19 June 2016

Final results on event page here...

This year the Paddy Pallin 6-hour rogaine event was centred at Catherine Hill Bay, South of Newcastle.

The 2016 Paddy Pallin was a huge success. Despite the horrible weather forecast, 88% of teams who were scheduled to compete did so. In which other sport would you get such a high participation rate in a certain down pour? According to the Norah Head pluviometer there was 27.8mm of rain during the event.

Catherine Hill Bay was beautiful in the rain and is definitely a good place to revisit on a nicer day. The bush was quite varied, for a relatively small course, and quite beautiful in parts.

The event was very well organised and everything went off without a hitch, despite the appalling weather.

The course was well set and there was a good combination of easy and difficult controls. In this event if you got a high pointer you deserved it, with the possible exception of 101 which was all about the views.

Rogaining in the News

Click read an article about rogaining published 27th May 2016, in the lifestyle section of the Australian Financial Review.

Course setting workshop

This is your chance to criticise the World Champs course and course setter* the day after the WRC.

When: Monday 25 July & Tuesday 26 July 2016

Where: Ross River Resort, near Alice Springs.

Who should attend? Any rogainer in Australia or internationally who is involved in course setting or vetting. Particularly those aspiring to organise: state/national, regional and international events.

Experienced coaches will lead the discussion in course setting techniques and philosophy.

There will be a mix of theory and field practical sessions to discuss rogaine course setting/vetting processes and approaches. To be delivered through a combination of larger group presentation/discussion and smaller groups for hands-on practical sessions.

An interactive and collaborative approach is planned, similar to the workshop held at the WRC in Finland last year.

All details here...

Contact: David Rowlands

* The course setter may choose to sleep in and may not actually be present at the workshop.

ACT Rogaining

See Event Calendar

The event schedule has been updated with all of this year's ACT events. Please have a look at the combined NSW and ACT schedule and get to as many events as you are able.

In 2015, NSW competitors were under represented on the ACT leader boards. Let 2016 be the year that NSW competitors dominate the ACT leaders boards.

See event calendar for 2016 NSW and ACT events...

Want to enter the World Champs in 2016?

Well, it's too late. Entries are now closed.

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Which Mountain?

Which Mountain

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Which mountain is this? If you think you know then be the first to send the Webmaster an email and your efforts will be recognised on the web site. You will need to be quick, I reckon this one is pretty easy.


Rogainers with smart phones are encouraged to install the following app on their smart phones and carry them during events.

This Emergency+ app has been developed for Australia’s Triple Zero Awareness Working Group. When activated, the app displays current GPS coordinates. This knowledge could be very useful in a variety of rescue and support situations. No mobile coverage is required to display GPS coordinates.

The app is available in the app stores for Android, Apple and Windows devices.

To read more ...

Emergency+ App

Triple Zero (000) is Australia's primary emergency service number and should be used if urgent emergency assistance is required from either police, fire, or ambulance services.

Australia also has two secondary emergency service numbers that only work with particular technologies:

  • 112 is the GSM international standard emergency number which can only be dialled on a digital mobile phone (Some international model phones cannot dial "000").
  • 106 is the text-based emergency number for people who are deaf, or who have a hearing or speech impairment. This service operates using a textphone (TTY) or a computer with modem access.

BWRS remote first aid

If you are keen to get some first aid skills, with a focus on remote area first aid, then you should check out the courses offered by the Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue Squad - they run these courses that are, by all accounts, great.

Remember too that if you have been a major volunteer at a NSWRA event then you can claim $100 towards the cost of a first-aid course - like this one - rather than getting a free event entry!