A safety plan needs to be prepared for your Rogaine. The following documents provide a starting point:

In addition, the Victorian Rogaining Association has a comprehensive search and rescue procedures manual on their Resources page.

The Safety Officer on the Committee can assist with Safety Plan preparation.

A copy of the Safety Plan should be sent to National Parks (if their land is used), the nearest Police Station and the nearest Hospital prior to the event.


The Work Health and Safety Act places obligations upon volunteers and volunteer officers in some circumstances.  Links to some relevant documents are ...

  1. The Act -  See section 4 , 5 (7) & (8), 7 (1) (h), 34
  2. Work Cover Information
  3. Fact Sheet

Personal Locator Beacons

The association owns a number of "Personal Locator Beacons" (PLB).  If you need one of these please contact the Safety Officer.

PLB Documents

  1. Unit Two EPIRB rego 11 Mar 09AMSA6.doc
  2. EPIRB 1 manual_20090319110007.pdf
  3. EPIRB 1 pos Rego_20090319105257.pdf
  4. EPIRB 1 rego doc_20090319105525.pdf
  5. EPIRB 2 manual_20090319111205.pdf
  6. EPIRB 2 pos rego_20090319110919.pdf
  7. EPIRB 2 registrat_20090319111106.pdf
  8. EPIRB Unit1_20090319103537.pdf
  9. Unit One EPIRB rego 11 Mar 09AMSA6.doc