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G'day Rogainers,

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Spring Rogaine & NSW Championships (8/24h) – Preliminary Results Now Available!

Well done to all the competitors who took part in the NSW Rogaining Championships on 15-16th October, near Kanangra Walls – a new and beautiful area for rogaining.

Thanks specially to course setters David and Ronnie, event coordinator Trevor Gollan and the rest of the volunteers for making the weekend a great one for the rest of us!

Shout out to Under 23 winners Rochelle Duerden, who was in the midst of the HSC at the time of the event and Mitchell Lindbeck, who claimed the title on his 23rd birthday (luckily the rules specify that competitors are classified by their age on the first day of the competition), just 10 points ahead of Ivan Koudashev and Elena Koudasheva who also put in a fine performance.

Overall NSW champions, 2016 Julie Quinn & Susie Sprague
(Also winners of women's and veteran's categories as well.)

More Photos here ... and here...

The Webmaster's take on the event here...

***NSWRC Flag Collection – your assistance needed***

We still need bushwalkers to collect the flags from the NSW Championships so they can be ready for the next event.

If you want 2-3 days walking in some high country and/or to see more of the course, please contact us at nswrogchamps2016@gmail.com


Lee Coady is setting a great course in Kuringai Chase National Park in Northern Sydney for our annual Socialgaine. This will be an “all on trail” event, so it’s a great way for people of all ages and levels of fitness to get a taste of the sport and our community. So, whether you intend to run the whole thing or use it as an excuse to try to “convert” your inactive mates to a new sport, it’s going to be a great day out in the park.

Please contact the Event Organiser Martin Dearnley or Volunteer Coordinator Graham Field if you’d like to lend a hand on the day.

ACT 6/12h Spring Rogaine – 10-11th November

Our friends at ACTRA will be hosting the next event on the second weekend of November in Yanununbeyan National Park, Northwest of Captains Flat and just under an hour's drive from Queanbeyan. The terrain is mostly lightly wooded, with the usual forest litter underfoot and some open grassy areas, making for relatively easy progress. Of course it wouldn't be a proper course without the obligatory 'steeper sections' leading to the higher areas (elevation ranges from 800m to 1200m) and some magnificent views of the surrounding hills and farmlands.

More info here ...

Call for Volunteers

NSWRA would like to that Alan Mansfield, David Williams and Ronnie Taib for towing our trailers to and from the event. The continued success, quality and safety of our events depends on people contributing their skills, time and energy to the association. See the volunteers calendar and if you’d like to put your hand up, or know more about roles please get in touch with Graham Field, or contact the event organiser.

Volunteering is a great way to round out your rogaining experience and put something back into your sport.

Volunteering with the NPWS WildCount Monitoring Program

WildCount is a broad scale monitoring program designed to detect long-term changes to the distribution of common fauna between February and May 2017 run by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. As a volunteer you will have an opportunity to work alongside staff in remote places rarely seen by visitors. Field trips run from Monday to Friday with all meals, motel-style accommodation and transport provided during the week.

More info here ...

ARC 2017 – Entries are now open ...

The Australasian Rogaining Championships 2017 will be held on 11-12th February 2017 in New Zealand. The location is Northern Southland, near Waikaia. Queenstown is the closest international airport with frequent flights from Australia and the North Island.

There will be sheep.

2017 Event Calendar

The schedule of events for the rest of 2016 and the preliminary schedule for 2017 can be found here...

Tristan White

Publicity Officer

NSW Rogaining Association


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