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eNewsletter 80  -  30 June 2015

G'day Rogainers,

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Paddy Pallin Rogaine 6 Hr Rogaine Sunday 14th June

This year the Paddy Pallin rogaine moved to a pleasant coastal location at Bendalong, using the facilities of the local campground. The picture perfect scenery and ideal winter weather meant that all participants seemed to enjoy the day. There were a total of 494 participants which was a great roll-up considering the distance from Sydney, Canberra and beyond. We followed the bushwalkers creed: leave nothing but footsteps, take nothing but pictures and ticks.

The Paddy Pallin organization again supported this, the 52nd Paddy Pallin Rogaine, with promotion and the surprise donation of socks or sporks for every participant, and quite a few rogainers happily road-tested their new socks on the day.

Julie Quinn and David Baldwin won outright, as they did when the 2008 Champs were held at Bendalong. Unusually, the top three teams were all late, perhaps due to the incoming tide softening their run to the finish?

Lake Macquarie 6/12 Hour and NSW Championships, 1st Augustrong

The annual 6/12 hour event in the Watagan Mountains west of Newcastle is on Saturday 1st August. You can expect the broad mixture of terrain, scenic views, beautiful rainforest, pristine creeks, friendly fauna and an extensive track network to allow competitors the option of avoiding some of the navigation through dense vegetation.

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In a first for NSW Rogaining we have assigned the NSW Championships to the 12-hour Lake Macquarie event. This is to avoid confusion with our 24-hour event in October where NSWRA are hosting the Australian Championships. This may be your opportunity to join the famous names on the NSW Champs trophies, and you only have to get out there for 12 hours.

2015 Australian Championships, 10-11th Octoberrong

Entries are also open for the Australian Champs, currently being set in "great rogaining country" on the western side of the Blue Mountains. Don't be deterred by the imposing name. Anyone can enter the Aus Champs.

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2016 Calendar

We are working on a schedule of events for next year. The Metrogaine, Paddy Pallin and Lake Macquarie 12-hour are assigned, but we really need committed organisers & course setters for the Minigaine, NSW Champs and another 12 or 24-hour bush event of your choosing.

If you can help, please contact Dale at volunteers@nswrogaining.org, talk to someone on the Committee, or give Trevor a call on 0408 230 593.

No volunteers – No events! Can you help?

We would love a few keen rogainers to put up their hand. If you are interested contact Dale at volunteers@nswrogaining.org or give Gill a call on 0413 905 551

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