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eNewsletter 33  -  May 2012

G'day Rogainers,

Vetters Required

This is a call for experienced vetters to help with the Paddy Pallin Rogaine this year. If you are interested in vetting the course in late May or early June, please contact Rob Vincent at  ravinnie@yahoo.com  or 02 4956 7018.

Paddy Pallin 6 Hour : 17 June 2012

Entries are now open for the 49th Paddy Pallin 6 hour winter rogaine to be held on Sunday, 17th June. 

This Rogaine is a six-hour event for teams of 2 to 5 people, with a mass start at 9:00am and concluding at 3:00pm. A ‘novice briefing’, for participants who are first-timers or those who would like to be reminded of the fundamentals of Rogaining, will be held at 8:30am; followed by a course briefing at 8:45am which all participants must attend.
The event will be located approximately 4 hours west of Sydney CBD, near Clandulla, 1 hour north of Lithgow. While the drive is further than usual, the route travels through some very spectacular country, and the camping area is huge. We suggest you make it a leisurely weekend by arriving and camping on Saturday night. You don't even have to cook as the 1st Waitara Scouts will be there to provide you with a hearty evening meal. All you have to do is order and pay for it with your entry.

The course will take in an area made up of predominantly rolling spurs and ridges with some areas cut by meandering creeks, honeycombed by rock outcrops, small canyons and a few waterfalls. A few springs emerge with glassy water ejected from their stony canyon floor. Marvelous views occur from high ridges that plummet to the creek or where rocky pagodas penetrate the forest canopy. Vegetation is open eucalypt forest with very little undergrowth, although some areas of cypress pine exist. Visibility will be very good and progress quicker if navigation is accurate. There are some steeper areas but most of the terrain has gentle slopes.

Moxie Gear

NSW Rogaining Association is proud to introduce our new sponsors, Moxie Gear, High Performance Trekking Gaiters.

The Moxie Gear design team has years of experience on the world adventure racing circuit and has utilized their experience and knowledge to create durable and light weight, race specific gaiters for all terrain and weather.


Jason Tsui
for NSW Rogaining Association committee

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