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eNewsletter 26  -  September 2011

G'day Rogainers,

Entries close this Sunday 11th September for the Spring 15 in 24 hour and 24 hour Rogaine, 17-18 September 2011 (incorporating the NSW Championships).

Please get your entry in pronto.

Spring 24 Hour and 15 in 24 Hour Rogaine: 17-18 September 2011

*Entries close this Sunday 11 September*

This year's Spring Rogaine (Incorporating the NSW Championships) ventures back to the Goulburn River National Park, about four hours north-west of Sydney. This park was last used for the 2007 NSW Champs. We're using a section of the park not rogained on before that features some of the classic features of this area. These include impressive sandstone bluffs, interesting cave and rock weathering, magnificent broad tracts of the sandy Goulburn River, and generally open eucalypt forest. Come and join us in September for what should be a memorable event.
You will have the choice of a 24 hour or a 15 in 24 hour duration, both starting at midday on Saturday 17 September 2011. The 24 hour event incorporates the NSW Championships.

Also available are Grants for Juniors.

Accommodation near Goulburn River

The organising team is so confident that you'll enjoy the terrain used for this year's NSW Rogaining Championships near Ulan, that we know you'll want to return to the area in the future for perhaps a more leisurely look. When you do return, please consider staying at one of Julia Mullins and Colin Imrie's stone cottages on the banks of the Goulburn River. Much of the event area covers Julia and Colin's land. Staying at one of their cottages will give you a comfortable roof over your head and the opportunity to explore this delightful area in more detail.

Online Forum

We now have an online forum where every rogainer is invited to contribute to discussions after each event. Please visit the forum and share your experiences with us all!


Finally, Rogaining is a volunteer-run sport.   So if you have been enjoying the sport, think about helping out at an upcoming event.

Visit the volunteer page and/or contact our volunteer co-coordinator Ian Dempsey to find something that suits you.   Volunteers who make a major contribution to an event are rewarded by free entry (!) to a NSWRA organised Rogaine, or a contribution to a recognised training course (such as first aid or event management training).

Jason Tsui
for NSW Rogaining Association committee

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