G'day Rogainers,

NSW Rogaining eNewsletter, 14th November 2020

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Compiled by Tristan White

57th Paddy Pallin Rogaine 6-hour - Saturday 21 November
“Willoughby Joining Us?”

This Newsletter is primarily to remind you of the 4th and final rogaine for this fickle year. The “Willoughby Joining Us?” is a 6-hour stroll, stretch and/or sprint through Sydney’s inner-north and it starts next Saturday 21st November sometime between 9am and 12 noon. You can enter here.

This course, originally set by Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, was supposed to be our Metrogaine in March. It’s good to see his explorations will finally be shared with our rogaining community.

With all the shut-downs we couldn’t run the Paddy Pallin Rogaine (PPR) in June. However, the Paddy Pallin organisation has come on-board for the Willoughby 6-hour. It will be different to a normal PPR … no scratchy bush and no camping on Saturday night with Waitara Scouts catering. It’s not even being held on a Sunday! However, we are very pleased to ba able to maintain continuity for an event that has been held every year since 1964 and hopefully we can maintain our tradition of it being our best-attended event of the year.

Looking further ahead, we have pencilled in some dates for next year's calendar. Our annual calendar is a bit like doing a rogaine … you select which events you’ll attend (plan your route), organise your attendance (get to the next control point), do the event (find the flag), then focus on the next one. So, plan your rogaining course for 2021, the calendar is on our website here. As always, we need people to organise events so add that into your planning too.

See you soon at the 57th Paddy Pallin Rogaine … Hope-you’ll-be Joining Us.
Trevor Gollan

ACT Rogaining Championships (31 Oct -1 November)

A bunch of Waratahs made their way to the south-east of Canberra last weekend to take part in the ACT 24-hour championships (with an 8hr held simultaneously). The event, which had been postponed a week due to projected flooding of the course, was given perfect rogaining weather for a city well known for temperature extremes on either end of the spectrum. It was seemingly enjoyed by all who attended in what is classic rogaining country – few tracks, open bushland and rolling hills. There was also cause to celebrate as the top three teams were from NSW:

  1. Joel Mackay & Gill Fowler (3,850)
  2. Tristan White & Mike Hotchkis (3,850)
  3. Toni Bachvarova & Andrew Smith (3,730)

Also a shout out to Rick Cavicchioli, Tassia Kolesnikow and Brian Brannigan, all of whom mentioned it was their first 24hr rogaine – here’s hoping they’ve recovered enough by now to resolve it won’t be their last!

Thank you to all the volunteers – most notably setters Ron and Jeannie, and event organisers David and Julie for a great, covid-safe rogaine!

The top two routes (GF&JM purple, TW&MH grey) posted identical scores but Gill and Joel finished fifteen minutes earlier!

Do-It-Yourself Rogaines

There is an increasing number of “old” course maps recycled and available for you to do on your own, or with friends, and with your smartphone. In the last couple of months Graham Field has added five more Sydney-centric courses for your enjoyment.

These aren’t formal events organised by NSW Rogaining – they are just available for you to maintain your fitness, skills and to get a navigational fix. There’s a new variation, with some of the courses allowing you to start at ANY control on the course. This is that you can define your own virtual Hash House which may help you to explore parts of the course you didn’t reach last time.

Make your own adventure, any time of the day or night(?) using instructions on our MapRunF page here.

Find us on Facebook and Strava here.

Tristan White
on behalf of the NSW Rogaining Committee