G'day Rogainers,

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45 minute solo microgaine! - Wednesday 14th November, Roseville

Don’t forget that NSW Rogaining is hosting one of the regular Sydney Summer Series Orienteering events next Wednesday. If you have entered a rogaine this year you have been granted membership for this event. Many rogainers already compete regularly in the Sydney Summer Series.

There will be bushland tracks, parks and streets to navigate. How many flags can you collect in 45 minutes? These Summer Series events are a great way to practice map-reading skills over the summer, during the hiatus from our longer events.

The start is at Loyal Henry Park, Roseville (parking on Shirley Rd). You can start anytime between 16:30 and 18:45. On the day entry is $12, or $15 if you need to rent an SportIdent stick (to record your score).

We still need volunteers to hang and collect flags, please contact Gill Fowler (vicepresident@nswrogaining.org) if you can help out.

For more info & full listing of all events visit the SSS website.

“Berowra Bewilderness (Rivers, Rocks and Ridges)” 4/8hr Socialgaine – Sunday 25th November – Entries Close Soon!

The course for the Socialgaine is finalised with all controls marked and ready for flag hanging. It has been a challenging task to develop a course that takes in the most interesting areas of the wilderness, has sufficient variety and also rewards hard work whilst providing pleasant options for the less ambitious teams. After many hours of “bewilderment,” the vetters (Toni Bachvarova, Andrew Smith and Tristan White) are confident you’ll be satisfied with the product.

The event Hash House (event hub) is at the Berowra Community Centre with registration opening at 07:45 and a mass start at 09:25. The 4hr event finishes at 13:25 and the 8hr event finishes at 17:25. The Hash House is only 200m from the Berowra Station and we encourage participants to catch the train, if possible, to minimise congestion. With a $2.70 Sunday cap, it is also significantly cheaper. We will arrange a “rogainers’ carriage” at Central which will be a great chance to meet other competitors!

The iconic Great North Walk will be a prominent feature in the Berowra Bewilderness

In addition to the main event, there will additional activities to win prizes including:

  • “The Political Bewilderness”
  • “The River-a Trivia”
  • “Photos that Rock” and
  • “Ridgy-Didge” Team Names*

Details of these will be revealed on the day.

*Prizes offered to the best team names. If you have not registered yet, make sure you choose it carefully!

There will, at least, be some shelter from the rain!

We would still love some assistance on the day with marshalling, photography & manning the Hash House during the event. If you can help out, please email Volunteer Coordinator.

2019 Calendar Updated

The dates for 2019 have been finalised and are available on the website here to “flag” into your diary. The ACT events are also finalised and on their calendar, and I am working hard at getting a combined fridge magnet ready to hand out at the Socialgaine.

What is missing from the Volunteer Calendar?

If you look at our volunteer calendar for 2019 you will notice that there is a lot of white and “Help Needed” messages. We would love to change this but can only do this by having you put up your hand to help out.

In particular, help is needed for the Minigaine on February 24th at Western Sydney Parklands. We need vetters, hangers and help on the day. Ditto for the Metrogaine a month later on March 24th which is likely to be around Springwood. If you can help at any of these in a small or large way, our volunteer coordinator, Graham, would love to hear from you. Contact him at Volunteer Coordinator or fill out the on-line form

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