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Lake Macquarie 12/6hr or 30km Trail Run – Saturday 18th August – Entries Open Now!...

Our next event will the Lake Macquarie 6/12hr, on Saturday August 18th ***note changed date (due land access issues)*** once again hosted by Bob Gilbert, Bert van Netten and their team of volunteers around the Olney State Forest area in what is always challenging but attractive terrain. There are a couple of lookouts with great views and a good selection of controls available for the novices through to the elite competitors.

This year not only do we feature the 6 hour and 12 hour event but we have incorporated a 30km trail run loop. Trail run flags are marked on the map with a coloured triangle and are numbered with sequential values from 10 to 20.

People doing this run still have to form and run as a team (for safety) and the objective will be to finish as soon as possible, having punched the 10 controls on the way.

All events will start at midday on Saturday. The 12 hour will finish at midnight, the 6 hour will complete at 6pm, and you finish the 30km bush run as quickly as you can.

Paddy Pallin 6hr – Sunday 17th June – Results Available!...

The 6hr Paddy Pallin rogaine has been done and dusted with 169 teams fronting up to the start line last month at the small town of Kitchener to tread the vast network of tracks and forest in the area. Special shout to Glenn Horrocks and Jonathan Worswick who reportedly clocked up around 45km to bag 3160 points taking the overall win. Glenn (shown below collecting the trophy on behalf of his team) has been a noted high performer in recent PP rogaines, having been in the top 3 teams for the past 9 out of 10 years – and he didn’t enter that 10th event.

The Paddy Pallin Rogaine perpetuates the memory and intent of Paddy the Man, and includes support for organisations that he supported during his life. This year we are giving $2 per entrant, so about $800, to Bush Search and Rescue. BSAR was formed in 1936 to assist lost and injured people in the bush, especially in remote areas. Paddy was one of the founding members, director for many years, and involved in most of the early searches and rescues.

A big thank you to PPR 2018 event coordinator Bob Gilbert, setter Samantha Howe, Ian Dempsey and the other volunteers who helped pull together another outstanding event.

Julian Ledger finds CP 103 on a very subtle spur

Our new secretary, John Clancy, proudly poses beside his new car

More photos, Chris Stevenson’s blog, and the map are available on our website!

NavShield 2018 – 23-24 June 2018

The Annual NavShield, a 1 or 2 day navigation rogaine (with a few variations to NSWRA events) hosted by Bush Search and Rescue, was dominated by rogaining teams. Although the actual NavShield award is only open to emergency teams, the overall winners of the 29¼ hour event, and winners of the Bushwalkers Divison, were Andrew Smith, Antoniya Bachvarova, Karl Miller and Alex Allchin. They scored 2070 points.

Second overall, only 10 points behind, and first in the rogaine division, were David Williams and Ronnie Taib, who elected to only compete for 24 hours to emulate a normal championship event! Third overall, and second in the rogaine division, were ultra vets Andy Macqueen, Greg King and Duncan Cross (pictured). They scored 1800 point, 240 points ahead of the actual Navshield winners, Shoalhaven Ambulance. As for the one-day event (10¾ hours) the overall winners and winners of the rogaine division were Aurelien Penneman, Matt Bacon and Steven Todkill. Full results can be found here...

ARC 2018, QLD Earlybird Rego closes at the end of July!

Beat the price rise!

Make sure to enter the ARC SunSEQer Rogaine before 31 July, prices go up significantly after that date.

The rogaine will be held in very scenic rolling hill country near Gympie, in South East Qld, on 25-26 August 2018. Experienced course setter Richard Robinson has set a course rich in variety and navigational challenge. Several top teams have already entered the event including the 2017 and 2016 ARC winners, and one member from the 2016 WRC winning team.

You don't have to be an elite rogainer to enter the event - novices and families are welcome. You also don't have to stay out on the course for the whole 24 hours - come back in for a feed and a red wine by the campfire, and have a sleep if you like. If you decide to stay out on the course for less than 15 hours, you will get a result in the 15 Hour Roving category, so that you can still be competitive.

Check out all the event details and entry options here...

NSWRA 2019 Calendar now available

The 2019 NSWRA rogaining calendar is now online.

All these events need organisers, course setters and helpers.

Speaking of volunteers…

Call for

Our sport relies on volunteers to run and keep bringing you great rogaines. Volunteering to help run a rogaine is the next best thing to rogaining itself (or arguably better, given that the latter can only be done with the former!) – it’s personally rewarding and a great way to meet fellow rogainers and pool your collective skills. Volunteers for key roles are rewarded with free entry to future events.

There are plenty of opportunities (i.e. vacancies) to help at events this year. Check out the online volunteer register on the website to find one and sign up! You won’t regret it.

If you need more information about volunteering, drop an email to the volunteer coordinator, Graham Field.

Report from President Trev

I thought to have the last say in this Newsletter, with a few items of interest and comments on some of the previous items.

Strategic Plan

If we take the word “vision” to be a fanciful, mental image of the future, then I have a vision that everyone in NSW is a rogainer. If that were true then we’d have a society of resourceful, giving, fit and healthy people, able to work in teams, and with an appreciation for our natural environment. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

This ties in with our Strategic Plan 2018-2022, finally published here on our website. At the end of last year our committee invited and received broad discussion about the future of our sport. I greatly appreciated the conversations with many of our members and believe the final document is a concise statement of our collective goals. There’s no dramatic change in direction, but we do have a practical vision to Get People Rogaining.

We have already initiated changes that hopefully will increase the number of rogainers in NSW. There tends to be focus on the top competitors – the ones who always appear at our presentations for their mugs or trophies. Let’s increase support for novices, our volunteers, and the everyday rogainers who can’t jog for hours upon end.

How are you going in the annual Pointscore competition?

Did you learn anything at our Nav Workshop in April?

Many families participate now, even babies in strollers or papooses on some of the shorter events. Let’s improve support for our junior rogainers. If you study or work in a university or TAFE, could you publicise rogaining through the sports association or bushwalking club? If you are associated with Scouts, how about you organise some scout teams in the 3 or 6-hour events on offer? We need your help to encourage our juniors.

Credit Card Fee in Your Entry Payment

From 1st July you will see a separate fee when you pay for entry to any rogaine, starting with the Lake Macquarie 12/6-30. Rather than absorb the fee for credit card payments within the overall entry fee, we have chosen to show it separately, you can see how much goes to the banks, which may help you choose the payment option that suits you. There’s a link that lists each credit card and their rates.

Bush Search and Rescue

Finally, in defence of our emergency services at the NavShield, it should be noted that rogaining teams are allowed to travel with lighter packs, per rogaining rules, whereas BSAR and emergency service teams must travel in groups of four or more and carry full camping equipment. That extra weight, as seen in horse racing handicaps, makes comparisons a bit unfair, but it prompts a thought about our Surprise event in 2019… maybe the top rogainers could carry extra weights in their backpacks to make the competition level?

BSAR have recently had an organisational change, becoming a remote-area, land search and rescue specialist unit within State Emergency Services. The new title is quite long, so let’s just note their acronym as NSW SES BSAR.

You might like to join BSAR. Glenn Horrocks, BSAR Secretary and winner of this year’s Paddy Pallin Rogaine, suggests that rogainers “have the important skills that BSAR needs - navigation, fitness and cross country walking, skills that are hard to find in people these days. BSAR can provide training in further skills to become rescuers, such as GPS, communications, search techniques, and teamwork.” If you’d like to be more involved, follow the “How to Apply” section on their website and join the Bush Search and Rescue Unit.

BSAR are introducing physical testing later this year, for their people doing remote area work. The Arduous Pack Test involves walking, not jogging, 4.8km in 45 minutes carrying a 20kg load, and there’s an annual retest.

Volunteer to find others and you may find yourself.

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