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G'day Rogainers,

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Lake Macquarie (6/12h) – Sat 5th August – Final Results here...

The 26th annual Lake Macquarie Rogaine was held in Mandalong on a beautiful mild winter’s day (and night), with over 100 teams lining up for the 6 hour, and almost 40 braving the 12 hour. As always, the Watagan State Forest included some great views, infamously dense lantana & scrub, leafy rainforest and steep climbs, so well done to all who could successfully navigate through it.

Two teams successfully collected all 40 controls totalling 2450 points, however David Williams and Ronnie Taib managed to come in a whole hour ahead of the team in second place, taking the overall 12h win. Also shout out to Andrew and Nicole Haigh, who took out the 6h category with a handsome 1520 points.

Ronnie and David on course, confident enough of their margin of victory to pose for a shot.

Thanks to Bob Gilbert for once again organizing this event, Carolyn Rigby for kindly filling in for him on the day, and all the other volunteers who set, vetted and helped out on the day. The Tea and Damper stand is an iconic fixture of the event and with the wide variety of cakes, fruit, biscuits, cheese and crackers, sweets and soup, once again we thank the scouts who put on a great show with far more than the name implied!

NSW Champs (8/24h) – Weekend 7-8 October 2017 – Read more here...

Our next event is the NSW Championship which is to be held at Mount Werong. The Championship event is the 24 hour event but there is also an 8 hour event on offer for those who would prefer something shorter.

The course setters have set a course SE of Oberon on plateau lands where the terrain is generally open native woodland with good visibility and reasonably fast travel.

The area around Mount Werong is a great location for rogaining. Lots of wildlife and beautiful country. The course setters reckon they have set a "championship course to challenge our best" but with easier options available for the more casual rogainers.

Make sure you set the weekend aside and find yourself a team mate (or mates) and give the 24 hour event a go. You will be glad you did.

NSW Logo Competition

NSWRA's New Banner - Sam Howe

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating stated (regarding the Union Jack) that “No great nation has the flag of another country in the corner of their flag.” Likewise, the NSWRA committee realised that “no great rogaining association has the logo of another rogaining association in the corner of their logo,” and asked NSWRA members to submit their ideas of a new one.

There were several excellent submissions and the Committee debated these at length, but we came to a conclusion that Samantha Howe's contribution (pictured above) was the best. Her creative design best sums up our sport and her win was announced at the Lake Macquarie rogaine.

It’s nice to have some distinction from other Rogaining associations.

All the logos offered by our members had merit and we greatly appreciate the efforts by the people who contributed. For your interest and comparison, here are the runners up:

Steven Hutchings

Dan Howe

Raphael Taib

Chris Stevenson

Chris Stevenson

World Rogaining Championships (Latvia) – 18-19th August

The World Rogaining Championship in Latvia has been run and won. Open Men's team from Latvia took out 1st, 2nd and 3rd places overall but there were some outstanding performances from Australian and NSW rogainers.

  • The highest placed Australian team was David Baldwin and Julie Quinn (ACTRA) who finished 51st Overall, 17th in the Mixed Open and 5th in the Mixed Veterans.
  • Andrew Smith and Toni Bachvarova were the highest placed NSW Team who finished 97th Overall, 32nd in the Mixed Open and 19th in the Mixed Veterans.
  • Andy Macqueen and Greg King finished 135th overall and got a very well rewarded 3rd in the Men's Ultra Vets as well as 10th in the Men's Super Veterans.
  • Ciara Smart and Murray Pinnock finished 222nd Overall and 76th in the Mixed Open.

You can see all the results here...

Coming Events

All NSW and ACT events for 2017 and 2018 can be here...

Our next event is in early October, being the NSW 24h championships and 8h event, set in the western Blue Mountains, but if you can’t wait that long, there are several events in the meantime, including ACTRA’s day/night/cyclegaine on the first weekend in September, conveniently located in the Southern Highlands.

For those more adventurous, each territory & state hosts regular events with their calendar available on the Australian Rogaining Association Website.

Tristan White

Publicity Officer

NSW Rogaining Association


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