NSW Rogaining Association

"Your Guide to Rogaining in NSW"

NSW State Forests

If your event includes State Forest land, you will need to obtain permission from NSW State Forests (part of the Department of Primary Industries).

State Forests require advanced notice of Rogaines. It is necessary to apply for a "Special Purpose Permit". This is particularly important if your rogaine will be in a forest that is open to hunting. The Game Council provides a list of forests that are open to hunting. Hunters can book forests for hunting up to three months in advance, so you should apply for State Forest access as far as possible in advance of your event.

You can ask the Committee to assist with the State Forests Special Purpose Permit application.

Relevant Documents / Forms

  1. Special Purpose Permit form
  2. Recreation Safety Plan
  3. Memorandum of Understanding  2006
  4. Memorandum of Understanding amendment No 1