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The following were the provisional results.


Overall Results

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2006 World Rogaining Champions
Dennis de Monchy & Chris Forne of New Zealand
Team 225 (Storming Southerners)
with an event score of 2610 (out of 3430)

Top 10 Team Score Nation Names
1 225 2610 NZ Dennis de Monchy, Chris Forne
2 175 2430 AUST - NSW Damon Goerke, Rob Preston
3 100 2370 CZECH Petr Boranek, Miroslav Seidl
4 82 2250 LATVIA R. Lapins, Anita Liepina, G. Mankus
5 116 2240 NZ Greg Barbour, David Rowlands
6 90 2230 NZ Darren Ashmore, Phil Wood
7 81 2120 RUSSIA Oleg Kalinin, Sergey Yashchenko
8 227 2090 AUST - ACT D. Baldwin, T. Jacobs, A. Sheppard
9 249 2090 AUST - VIC John Jacoby, Sam Maffett
10 178 2090 AUST - VIC Derek Morris, Ted van Geldermalsen


Here is the final entry list - as in the actual starters list
(it even includes one re-formed team!).


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