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Routegadget displays the event map. You can draw your route and view the routes taken by other teams.

Safety Report

Lost Property

If you are having trouble reading after you got home from this event, I have a selection of three single focus prescription glasses.  Also other items.


This year's Spring Rogaine ventured back to the Goulburn River National Park near Ulan.  This park was last used for the 2007 State Champs. The section of the park used this time has some of the classic features of this area and had not been rogained on before. The features included impressive sandstone bluffs, interesting cave and rock weathering, magnificent broad tracts of the sandy Goulburn River, and generally open eucalypt forest.

The event offered the choice of a 24 hour or a 15 in 24 hour duration.  Both events started at midday on Saturday and finished at midday on Sunday.  The difference was for the 15 in 24 hour event you must spend a minimum of 9 hours in total "off course" at the hash house.  For the 24 hour event you have complete freedom to spend however much time you like on the course.  If you want to win or just prove you can do it, you keep going with only short stops.  Most teams in this type of event plan a route with two loops, returning to the hash house for a feed and at least a short sleep during the night

The 24 hour event incorporated the NSW Championships.

Read an interesting preview by Dug Floyd.

View photos taken by the course setters.

For general information about this event, contact  ...

Bob Gilbert
email:  Bob Gilbert
phone: 02 4952 1967 or 0420 349 993

For entry or results related matters contact ...

Graeme Cooper
email:   admin@nswrogaining.org


Who could enter?

Like all NSWRA rogaines, anyone could enter. You had to make up a team of between 2 and 5 people. If you were under 14 years of age on the day of the event you had to have an adult in your team.

By entering this event you became a member of NSW Rogaining Association unless you were already a member of another state rogaining association. Your membership will last for 12 months from the date of this event.

Competition Categories

This event offered the normal age/gender based categories plus the 'Novice" and "Family" category.   See the  " Competition Categories "  page for more details.

The "15 in 24" option

The start and finish time for the "15 in 24 hour" event are the same as for the 24 hour, midday Saturday and midday Sunday.  The difference is that in that period you have to spend at least 9 hours at the Hash House.  When you do this is your choice.  The map and course are the same as for the 24 hour.