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Updated at 11:45am on Friday 12 March 2010.

These are now separated into the "Individual" and "Team" divisions.



Thoughts from the organizers

We were quite excited about trying out this 3-h, rolling-start format for an event. It has been used successfully in other states, and it seemed like a nice cross-over between the Summer Series 45-minute orienteering events and the usual 6-h or longer rogaines.

Looking back on the event, I think it was overall a success. 250 people entered, and generally seemed to have a good time! The rolling start allowed people to still attend Saturday sports with their kids, and the short format seemed to make it more accessible for first-time entrants. We will definitely be holding more of these events - you can count on it! Here are some thoughts that address some of the comments made on the blog:

* The rolling start does reduce the social element that many people associate with a rogaine. A mass start isn't really practical in an urban area where there are only a relatively limited number of routes that people can take. We might address this by reducing the start-time window to say 3 hours instead, and definitely having food at the end. We were planning food for this event (which is why the entry was $25), but unfortunately our food providers pulled out very close to the day. Apologies to those left holding an empty bowl at the end of their day!

* We will definitely have a score board up at the event in future so that people can see scores as they come in.

* We may revert to normal punches rather than pencil and paper - a more weather (and sweat) resistent option.

* There were concerns about a lack of 'off-trail' controls. Alas, that is often going to be a restriction for events that are held in urban bushland, and there isn't much we can do about that. It is a balance between events conveniently close and being able to go trampling around off-trail...

If you are interested in helping to organize one of these events, please get in touch! See you at the next one (perhaps later this year...)!


Creek at Manly Dam

Creek at Manly Dam - doesn't look *too* hard to cross though!

For general information about this event, contact  ...

Paddy Aicken
email:   paicken@gmail.com
phone: 0427 182 683

For entry or results related matters contact ...

Lindsay Young
phone:  02 9525 6403
email:   admin@nswrogaining.org

Manly Dam

Manly Dam - make sure you have your swimmers...

Competition Categories

 For this event there will be two divisions, "Individual" and "Team". To enter the "Individual" (a team size of one) you must be at least 18 years of age. The "Team" division (2 to 5 in a team) will also offer the usual categories. Each "Team" division team will be automatically placed in every category for which it is eligible. Any team with a child under 14 years of age must also have an adult (over 18) in the team.

See the  "Competition Categories"  page for more details.