“Short and Sweet” minigaine

Well it was short.  For a rogaine that is.  How about the “Sweet”?  Tell us  what did you think of this event?   Would you like more using much the same formula?

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  1. Things I liked:
    Didn’t have to get up too early. Not along enough to get cramps.
    Nice area.

    Things I didn’t like:
    Not as social as normal Rogaines, No big event atmosphere at the start or finish, Some people could have gained knowledge of course errors before they started. No meal after event – again less socialising. No real idea as to your position in the field, as results were not tallied on the day. No award presentation (Unless it was late in the day). Price $25 seems a bit steep for such a simple event, with no electronic tagging or food. Why weren’t normal rogaine punches used? much easier to record in wet conditions and much harder to cheat

    I felt sorry for the admin people as they would have been on duty from 10am to well after 6pm, much longer than any fixed time event. Of course fewer people are needed.

    I guess these shorter events are more likely to be within 1 hour of Sydney CBD, I personally wouldn’t travel a long way to compete in a short event.

    Still an enjoyable day, but I prefer the mass start/finish.

  2. Thanks to all who contributed to the event.

    Shame about the ‘theft’ of control 11.

    My children enjoyed the event though the 4 year old’s head for heights was sorely tested by the first crossing of the dam. She enjoyed the second crossing though.

    Thanks again.

  3. I would love to see more of these minigaines. It was great for me as my partner dropped out at the last minute, but because of the option to go as an individual I could still compete. And not being too isolated I didn’t have concerns about getting lost or if I got hurt I knew help would be close at hand.

    I made some stupendous errors but my aim is to learn more about navigating so the shorter event was better geared for this. Having the markers close to the track was good for a learner. It was a good bridge between the metrogaines and bush events like the Paddy Pallin which are a big step up in difficulty – it allowed you to develop your bush skills in a more forgiving way.

    The more flexible approach was helpful too and the volunteers fantastic as always.
    very enjoyable. thankyou

    Kaye Johnson

  4. We had a great time and we’d love to see more of them (not at the expense of the bigger rogaines though).

    I agree with Andrew Haigh’s comments about the social side. It was getting a bit lonely around the finish tent later in the day. Any changes that improve this would be good. I don’t think a mass start is feasible on that sort of course but reducing the start window a bit may help. A results table would also be nice.

    Well done to the organising team. Thanks for your efforts.

  5. The size of this event was a novelty and allowed me to jog the majority of the course, where I would normally walk all of a 6 hour event. Also the proximnity of the event to my home allowed me to participate without taking me away from the family for the whole day.

    I really enjoyed the course that took in two aboriginal significant sites and great views of both Manly Dam and Bantry Bay. However the single crossing point of Wakehurst Parkway was a little frustrating.

    Whilst the flexible start time was useful (I forgot the event was on until 12:15pm) I think I prefer finishing at the same time as all of the other competitors.

  6. I had a ball; I’m keen for the next one so I can try and atone for some of my more serious mistakes (substantially over time; running past numerous markers; running out of water at the farthest point in the map). I found many of the trails very difficult to locate, but as it was my first-non SummerSeries event that is probably just inexperience! It certainly added to the whole event (and not in a negative way).

    For me the course was a perfect length of time, the setting was a delight, the individual entry group was what I needed and the location was great. I can understand Andrew’s comments in that I had been expecting a bit more activity at the Hash House, however on the other side of the coin the length of the run may not have been enough to justify it.

    I think that perhaps commencing as one group would also have been better?

    All I can say is that I’ll intend to attend any future 3-hour events (with individual entries) within a ‘reasonable’ distance from Sydney.

    very enjoyable; thank you from me too!
    Dave Stanley

  7. I quite enjoyed the actual rogaine; was a pity about the out-of-bounds; really reduced the route choice options. However, otherwise I was a little disappointed. The instructions told us to park out on King St as parking would be limited, so I did and lugged in all my things the couple of kilometers walk; to discover that there was plenty of parking close by. When I finished I asked where I could find water to be told there was a tap ‘somewhere over there in the maze of tracks towards the car-park’. Also the notes telling us to bring a plate, bowl and mug made me think there would be food at the finish. I bought food for out on the course, but nothing for afterwards… So after a 3hr run was particularly hungry; I didn’t stick around for a chat with anyone, because I needed to walk all the way back out to my car and go find something to eat!!! So I found the $25 entry fee was too much for an event without the social hash house, no preliminary results, electronic punching, etc…
    Overall was an enjoyable run, but I unsure whether I’d do it again in this format; there was really no social aspect at all (which is one of the best things about rogaines!!)

  8. Some off the track controls would have been good. Control 22 made the day, a creek crossing with a natural rock bridge and deep pools for a refreshing dip on a very hot day. The red ring for Control 60 indicated to the north of the junction but the control was to the south…? The map on the Bantry Bay side had some large location names that added unecessary clutter. Manly Cove and Garigal National Park in large letters and council boundary lines made some features on the map difficult to see. Control 11 was definitely there earlier in the day, I walked past it on the way to the check in. An enjoyable event, thankyou for the organisation.

  9. I was in a team of 4 all first timers and we had a great time. The 3 hour time limit and flexible start times worked well for us as we drove 4 hrs to the venue and could still drive home on the day. We had been contemplating entering an event and it was the appeal of the shorter time to “test the waters” that got us started.

    We were unsure with the plate,mug etc on the equipment list but understand that it would be very difficult to cater for people given the nature of the varying finish times.

    It was not as social as we thought due to people coming and going but all we met were very friendly and helpful. The venue was fantastic and the swim at the end very welcomed.

    We would love to see another 3 hour event and we will be signing up for Joadja 6hr. Looking forward doing it again.

    Thanks to all concerned
    Garth Tuckey

  10. Some off the track controls would have been good. Control 22, the creek crossing, made the day. A stone arch with beautiful cool ponds beneath for a dip on a hot day. Control 60 seemed to be further south of the junction than was marked…? The Bantry Bay side of the map had large place names (Garigal National Park, Manly Cove) and council boundary markings which made some points difficult to read. Example: Control 33, the jetty. I passed Control 11 on the way to checkin, it must have been taken in the afternoon. Thankyou for the organisation of an enjoyable event.

  11. We really enjoyed the location and length of the rogaine. It gave us time to go and enjoy a swim, and fish and chips at the beach afterwards. For families with young kids we feel the 3 hour is preferable to the 6 hour event, especially if the event can be held locally within Sydney. We would definitely welcome more of them.

  12. A thought for Minigaines Picturegaine 2 – Sunday 28th February, 2010 held in Tasmania the event information states The usual check point markers will not be used. Competitors will have to correctly identify a photograph taken from the check point location to prove they have visited the site. To discourage guessing, points will be deducted for an incorrect answer.

  13. First, some bouquets:
    * great to introduce the 3-hour event as it is not too taxing for those plodders wishing to run 1/2 and walk 1/2. Although I agree about the social aspect. Still, a worthy addition to the calendar.
    * big start window allowed for morning kids sport AND a run!
    * Great scenery and location, very helpful to me as I live in Queenscliff!
    * It was an ideal practice run for those people running the Six Foot Track a week later (today) – but perhaps these events should be held in the cooler months to take hot days out of the equation maybe one in each of the school hols?)
    * To the organisers for a great idea and a lot of work as usual.

    And now some brickbats:
    * For a 3-hour event the map really has to be in 1:15,000 at most, preferably 1:10,000 AND on A3 so there is more detail AND on waterproof paper.
    * Many checkpoints were not exactly according to the centre of the circle, as orienteers are used to, and this cost us valuable time and 110 points in late penalties. It is not asking too much for the setters to get the checkpoints right – they had obviously not been taped prior, or vetted, which was a shame.
    #10 was about 10m E along the creek and not on the junction as stated, while the circle was W along the creek
    #60 the circle is wrong. The pot was much farther south.
    #44 was a joke – off a right hand turn W up a steep mini track not marked on the map, then hidden in some rocks up there. So much for all pots on trails. If not for the only other competitor we saw on that side giving us a hint (fortunate timing) we would never have found it – as it was this timewasting and poor setting cost us 15 minutes. The circle shows it to be E of the track.
    #45 – it was almost impossible to read this part of the map as the red circle AND a blue north line ran right over the top of the track junction leading to the pot. Another 5 minutes lost.
    #23 – while we never going to win anything, and by going from 70 to 23 we were probably asking for trouble, we found the mangroves went much farther north than shown on the map, could only see one creek (not two) and after climbing what seemed like the North Face of the Eiger to find the track (all good fun in a way) we must have emerged to the N of 23 as we saw no caves from thereon back north.
    * Not allowing people to cross back at the lights at Seaforth Oval was a ridiculous rule and took away all route choice, which totally spoilt the fun I was expecting in plotting our adventure. It meant slowpokes did a lap of the dam, middle plodders like us either did a lap of the dam (or up and back W of the dam) and a tiny loop W of Wakehurst Parkway, while the fast runners did close to everything.
    It meant no shortcuts coming home and no imagination needed.
    Given the number of walkers and kids involved there needed to be probably twice the number of checkpoints. Between the dam wall and #24 there were only two pots. There needed to be 6-8 to make it more interesting, perhaps a high route and a low route, with the quicker runners forced to try to do both. Getting only 13 checkpoints in 14km seemed like punishment rather than reward for effort.
    * Disappointed not to see food at the end as we were asked to bring a bowl – and seeing as for not much more moolah you can eat like Henry VIII at a metrogaine.

  14. A great concept and one that I hope will flourish! Agreed on some of the comments above, especially in regards to the restrictions re Wakehurst Parkway which I assume were enforced by RTA for approval? It really did impact significant route choice options. For me I managed to get myself into some pretty heavy duty green terrain in attempting to short cut for the lot and I paid big time.

    I would think Lane Cove NP or the rest of Garrigal would be 2 great options for a 3 hour hit out in the future wihout having to worry about road crossings etc.

    More please!!!!

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