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NEXT EVENT - Werakata
Surprise at Abermain

3 hr solo or team OR 6 hour team event
Sunday 29th October
Entries close Monday

We have never had a rogaine at this location and if you are like most of us, you have probably never heard of the place until the name popped up on the Rogaining Website.

What a great opportunity to check out a new location and also get some serious exercise in the process.
Reasons why you should enter the Werkata (Surprise) 6 and 3 hour events:
1. The area is pretty flat so you will probably be able to walk normally on Monday.
2. Great event for novices and for new rogainers. It is a good chance to test your solo navigation skills.
3. This is the first time we have been in the area and we don’t know when we will be back
4. The area is great for rogaining being relatively flat with mainly open forest
5. No lawyer vine (no guarantees but we haven’t seen any).
6. You can enter the 3hr event solo, so you do not have to be nice to anyone
7. It is only 90 mins away for people living on the North side of Sydney
8. You can bring the kids (14 and under are free) and teach them a bit about the bush and bush navigation
9. The Werakata National Park is well known for its bird.
10. You will not forget the experience whereas most Sundays you can’t remember what you did by Tuesday.
11. You could do the 3 hour event and be home for a late lunch with family.
12. It is a good chance to come and practice your sledging. Some of my favourites include:
- “I wouldn’t go that way if I were you”
- “Are you sure your team mate is up for this”
- “You look lost, would you like hand”
- “I see you have entered the solo event, don’t you have any friends”
- “I see you have entered the team event, are you afraid you will get lost without help”
- “I see Justine’s team beat you, you do realise she is only 11. (This one is thanks to Julian Ledger who levelled this on me after the Aust Champs).
An interesting erosion gully.

LaneCoveRivergaine V

6 hour team event
Sunday 19th November

Ted Woodley is putting on the next installment of his LaneCoverRivergaine series with his penultimate event, LaneCoveRivergaine V.

This event is a 6 hr team event and the hash house will be at North Sydney. The event will take in iconic locations around the North Sydney and Mosman areas. It's likely to be the one of the most picturesque events we have ever run and there is a surprising amount of bushland included.

There is a lot of interesting features to see on this course and even if you think you know the area well, you are sure to see a new side of it.

Being based in Sydney it is very family friendly and your youngsters can compete from their strollers.

The event will start at 10am and conclude at 4pm with a BBQ provided by the world-renowned 1st North Sydney Scout Group, with its three-star chef preparing gourmet eats.

If you live in Sydney, there is no possible excuse for not coming to this one, you have plenty of notice, so you can re-schedule any weddings or funerals..

Entries are open NOW

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