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46th Paddy Pallin  6 hour Rogaine

Results & Analysis

   Table of Contents

How the results are presented

The "Score Order" listing is a single table of all teams in score order.  Columns give the team member's names, score, on-course time and placings in all the basic categories.

The "By Category" listing is a set of tables, one for each age/gender category plus the "Family" and "Novice" category.  Under the ARA rules that apply to this event, every team is automatically entered in every age/gender category for which it is eligible. The effect of this is that if everyone in your team is between 18 and 39 years of age, the only age/gender categories you qualify for are the "Men, "Women" or "Mixed".  On the other hand if you are all 55 or over you qualify for the "Men, "Women" or "Mixed", "Veterans", "Super Veterans", "Men/Women/Mixed Veterans" and the "Men/Women/Mixed Veterans".  So if you top score you will win all these categories.  Confused?  Never mind, just enter more events. The computer will work it out for you.

The "Individual Teams" section has a separate page for each team. Here you can see where each team went, when they got to each control, the time and distance to the next control and their average speed over each leg.