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The Sugarloaf Spectacular wrap-up

Or should it have been renamed The Sugarloaf Soggy-tacular ?

Another year, another Metrogaine passes with no improvement on the average rogainer’s mathematical skills. After breathing a sigh of life when the event passed without drama, I now face the unenviable task of checking 150 or so answer sheets that appear to have been added up by Barnaby Joyce as well as put through the washing machine. This is made even worse by the fact that most of them were marked in the vicinity of the sausage sizzle and still smell.

Back to the fun part though – the event itself. It was a good turnout especially given the weather with almost 400 people in 150+ teams. It was also pleasing that so many teams spent nearly the whole 6 hours out and about, willingly or not.

Apart from at Control 92 where it sounds like snorkels (and for some climbing gear) might have been the order of the day, the damp weather proved to not be too much of a hindrance and probably made some parts look prettier. A lot of people commented on the great views and the interesting (and sometimes hidden) tracks. There are a ton more tracks especially around Castlecrag that can be explored : see Willoughby Council’s walking map or try the STEP organization (www.step.org.au).

With hindsight, one of the shortcomings of the course I set was the minimal route variation that it allowed. It was a no-brainer that lot of teams followed the trails hugging the lower parts of each of the headlands, avoiding those nasty inclines for as long as possible. That being said, these foreshore trails are beautiful trails (save for the mud) and I can only recommend people to come back and explore them without 350 other people.

The valley of Nr. 93 has always been somewhere that I’ve enjoyed running but I now add the valley of Nr. 102 as well as the path from the Sugarloaf to Castle Cove on my hit-list. Good on you if you took the path less travelled from 85 to 102 – maybe someone can come back and explore the path heading north-east from 85 which does allegedly exist. The Castlecrag area is also interesting for looking at the Burley Griffin-influenced houses and landscapes, including the hidden theatre. Though events are sporadic, it looks like a sensational location for their annual Xmas carols (www.thehaven.biz). See you there ?

The results currently on-line are provisional. Once I have finished exercising my red pen on a few scorecards, I will also add details of who visited what and which pots were unloved. I had a few queries/comments on the day and since then but I am more than happy for people to e-mail to Metrogaine2010@gmail.com any further comments/queries they have. I will of course be using my autocratic powers to allow incorrect answers where its not the IQ of the participant but rather the diligence of the coursesetter that should be called into question. The 2 rogue controls that jump out so far as causing trouble for many are 93 and 71. I will be showing leniency (aren’t I nice) if you circled 1 arrow and 4 spearmen respectively, though there really are only 2 spearmen in the tunnel. There are other ones that have been queried (e.g. 63 and 81 on the knolls) but the majority appear to have them right which makes me tempted to slash and burn a few scores.

As always, this wouldn’t be possible without volunteers, noting especially Peter McConaghy, Ian Cable and Mark van Huben for admin, mapping and vetting respectively, and to the Waitara Scouts who coped with feeding the great unwashed afterwards. Its just a shame that I didn’t take on board all the Vetters comments as they highlighted the need for improved wording for Question 93. Also thanks to Castle Cove school – that was a pretty good location.

Richard Green


View of Sugarloaf Bay

Sugarloaf Bay - hope you didn't forget your camera.


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Richard Green
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Peter McConaghy
phone:  02 9437 0160  or  0419 428 394
email:    rogaine@tolwong.com



Long Gully bridge at night

Long Gully Bridge - if you're seeing the Bridge like this (i.e. after dark), you're in big trouble.

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Unknown creek - OK, its meant to be a metrogaine but it wouldn't be the same without looking for leeches.