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A Suburban Safari Socialgaine 2009 Wind-up

WOW! Was it Hot! We really take our hats off to every single person who braved the heat and went out on the course!! Thank you very much for doing it, AND coming back still smiling! Thank you to everyone; so many people expressed their appreciation of the course. Several controls were found to be a bit ambiguous, by several teams, thank you for letting us know.

I hope the two ladies who suffered badly from cramps/painful legs, and the lady who had heat stroke, have recovered well. I also hope everyone had a quick and safe trip home.

Bob and I sincerely apologise to everyone for not being organised enough to have everything ready to do the usual presentations after the event. Thank you for your patience and cheerful acceptance of no recognition of your achievements on the day. We knew it was going to be very busy at the finish, but we found ourselves overwhelmed, despite the hard work of our willing helpers. It has given Bob and I, an even greater appreciation of how much effort and thought goes into organizing each rogaine, especially the finish.

There were quite a few novice teams participating, and I would like to assure them that not all Rogaines are this bad.

Steve, on computer, did a magnificent job. He worked all day to try to get the computer to accept the team changes, etc. but it refused to co-operate. Then, after finally getting all the team results into the system, he then went home and completed the job. It was the first time he had used the programme, and learnt it by long distance communication with Graeme Cooper, and from Bob Gilbert, a bit closer to home. Thank you to both for your assistance.

While it was Steve’s first time as Administrator, and the difficulties he encountered, he says he will do it again, just not for a while! Steve, a very big thank you from both of us.

Peter Charlton, also a big thank you for the map, course vetting, control suggestions, help with flag hanging, and for doing the briefings. It was Peter’s first time at mapping, so thank you also to Russell Rigby for helping Peter.

Tracy and Michael Phillips – thank you for all your help before and during the event, especially at the finish.

The 1st Waitara Scouts – thank you very much for the food and cold drinks.

Thank you to Graeme Cooper for answering all our queries, patiently and promptly; also all the other Rogaine committee members who answered our queries.

Support given by members of our local Orienteering club was greatly appreciated.

Last, but definitely not least, Lake Macquarie City Council Games Co-ordinator, Dianne Pascoe, who has given us so much assistance. Cheerful and full of ideas, this very active lady, who was prevented from competing by prior engagements. Printing of maps and control descriptions, suggestion for event name, medals for winners. Thank you so much.

Again thank you everyone for your cheerfulness, patience, and support.

Pam Montgomery.

The Course Setter reports ...

I would Like to thank all the teams for not only participating but their acceptance of no presentation.

I am proud of the organising team who were all first timers in their position. In particular Steve Johnston for quietly persisting with the program and Pam Montgomery not only for her effort in the field (a real pleasure) but as first-aider, helping a number of people.

Thanks to Peter Charlton for the mapping and vetting.

Bob Montgomery

For all information about this event, contact  ...

Graeme Cooper
phone: 02 6772 3584
email:   webmaster@nswrogaining.org



This event was held near Morriset, on the shores of Lake Macquarie

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Who could enter?

Like all NSWRA rogaines, anyone could enter. You had to make up a team of between 2 and 5 people. If you were under 14 years of age on the day of the event you had to have an adult in your team.