NSW Rogaining Association

"Your Guide to Rogaining in NSW"

This was a 6 hour event starting at 9:30am

The Hash House (start/finish) was at Blaxland High School, Coughlan Rd, Blaxland.

The checkpoints were a mix of the traditional rogaining flag controls with punch card and questions with multiplechoice answers.


Glenbrook Creek

Following Glenbrook Creek is scenic but challenging






Crossing Glenbrook Creek Causeway and heading for the Hash House






Glenbrook Gorge

Louise and Robyn Dearnley overlooking Glenbrook Gorge






Luckasville Rail Siding

A pleasant stroll past the Lucasville Rail Siding






For all information about this event, contact  ...

Graeme Cooper
phone: 02 6772 3584
email:   webmaster@nswrogaining.org


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Who could enter?

Like all NSWRA rogaines, anyone could enter. You had to make up a team of between 2 and 5 people. If you were under 14 years of age on the day of the event you had to have an adult in your team.