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6 Hr Metrogaine 29th March at 9:30am at Willoughby

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My 20 years of rogaining

Posted on 12/03/2015 by Chris Stevenson I felt motivated to write to let everyone know that the 2014 Socialgaine held last Sunday represents 20 years

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Posted on 8/08/2015 by Chris Stevenson The rules of rogaining are pretty explicit: R7. Navigational Aids (a) The only navigational aids that may be carried

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WHAT is Rogaining?

Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation, in which teams of two to five people visit as many checkpoints as they wish in a set time period.

who can compete

Rogaining is open to anyone physically able to walk on bush tracks and cross country. How far and how fast is up to you and your team.

what do i need

Having the right equipment can make a your rogaine more enjoyable and safer. If you have outdoor gear then you probably have the gear you will need.

Create memories you will not get in the Gym

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Why Rogaine?

What's in it for me?


MEET THE volunteers


Our sport relies on people who volunteer. If we have no volunteers, we will have no events. Most people enjoy volunteering because they get to experience new places, new people and new activites without the pressure of competition.

commit to health and fitness

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