Series Point Score

Series Point Score


In addition to the individual point score for each event, NSW Rogaining runs a series Point Score. The purpose of the Series Point Score it to encourage people to compete in more events each year. It is also an opportunity to acknowledge those athletes that compete in multiple events and score highly in their competition categories.

The concept of a series point score was first run in 2013 where we ran a similar competition which was based on a person’s top five results. It was called “Rogainer of the Year” and was won by Nicole & Andrew Haigh who just happened to end with the same score.

In 2018 we tweaked the rules quite a bit, adding age sections, using your best three scores, and rating against the median rather than winning score. In 2019 we will further refine the rules, rewarding people who choose longer events.


Best of Class for 2019:

Best of Class for 2018:

Category Winner Points
Women Under 23 Jemma Duerden 442
Men Under 23 Keelan Birch 678
Women Gill Fowler 674
Men Thomas Brazier 694
Women Vet Toni Bachvarova 583
Men Vet Glenn Horrocks 672
Women Super Vet Robin Cameron 432
Men Super Vet Mike Hotchkis 635
Women Ultra Vet Kath Anderson 291
Men Ultra Vet Warwick Selby 490

New Rule for 2019:

We will run the Series Point Score again in 2019 with one rule change. Two points will be given for each hour of the event duration you have entered. For example, if you enter the NSW Championship (traditionally a 24 hour event) your score will be your teams % of the median team’s score multiplied by 100 plus 48 points. We have made this change for two reasons:
  1. To incent teams to attempt the longer events.
  2. In 2018 it was actually easier to get a good score in the shorter events. The reality of rogaining is that really competitive teams gravitate towards the longer events and this makes the median score relatively higher. So if you were chasing a good score to bolster your rankings you greatly improved your chances of doing well by entering the shorter event where two events were on offer. The added duration points will level the playing field.

The Rules:

The current rules, as at 1st Jan 2019, are here:

  1. Your best 3 events this calendar year will contribute to your overall point score.
  2. Your points are individual but earned as part of a team (unless the event accepts solo entries). For example you are a 57 year old woman competing in a mixed team. Your points will be awarded to you in the Women’s Super Veteran category
  3. The points you earn for each event are calculated by taking your team’s score expressed as a % of the overall median score for that event (ignoring category).
  4. There will be the usual categories as per the rules of rogaining (no junior category, only under 23).
  5. For the purpose of this point score, you’re only up against others6 in the category that is defined by your age and gender (i.e. A men’s super veteran will not also compete in the open men’s category, which is different to our usual rules for event).
  6. If you change category during the year your points roll to the older one. (i.e. you turn 55 during the year your cumulative score for the year gets moved to Men’s or Women’s Super Veterans.)
  7. A volunteer at an event will be awarded their average score for that year.
  8. Two points will be added to your score for each hour of the event duration you have entered.

Volunteer Rewards

Volunteer Rewards

The following volunteers have earned a free entry to a Rogaine and are eligible to redeem this before the date listed.   Check out he NSWRA Volunteer Rewards Policy to see how  to get onto this list! (or just email the Volunteer Coordinator)

This list was updated on 05/11 2019

VolunteerNo.First ExpiresLast Expires
Toni Bachvarova23/05/20205/07/2020
Eric Barnes115/06/202015/06/2020
John Barnes120/09/202020/09/2020
Linden Barnes115/06/202015/06/2020
Mardi Barnes120/09/202020/09/2020
Richard Barnes115/06/202015/06/2020
Trish Beat115/06/202015/06/2020
Anita Bickle29/08/20202/11/2020
Andrew Brown115/06/202015/06/2020
Neil Chappell12/11/20202/11/2020
Mat Collin13/05/20203/05/2020
Emmanuelle Convert120/09/202020/09/2020
Marg Cook12/11/20202/11/2020
Rob Cook12/11/20202/11/2020
Vivien de Remy de Courcelles120/09/202020/09/2020
Justine de Remy De Courcelles120/09/202020/09/2020
Ian Dempsey19/08/20209/08/2020
Glenn Downey12/11/20202/11/2020
Graham Field123/03/202023/03/2020
Gill Fowler120/09/202020/09/2020
Bob Gilbert19/08/20209/08/2020
Trevor Gollan120/09/202020/09/2020
Phil Harding120/09/202020/09/2020
Marnie Holmes125/11/201925/11/2019
Greg King123/03/202023/03/2020
Graeme McLeod120/09/202020/09/2020
Nicole Mealing115/06/202015/06/2020
Rachel Merton123/03/202023/03/2020
Guy Micklethwait125/11/201925/11/2019
Bob Montgomery19/08/20209/08/2020
Pam Montgomery19/08/20209/08/2020
Ann Newman120/09/202020/09/2020
Richard Pattison120/09/202020/09/2020
Geoff Peel12/11/20202/11/2020
Margaret Peel12/11/20202/11/2020
Andrew Perry115/06/202015/06/2020
Adrian Plaskitt12/11/20202/11/2020
Kim Randall124/02/202024/02/2020
Carolyn Rigby12/11/20202/11/2020
Matt Ryan13/05/20203/05/2020
Brett Sewell13/05/20203/05/2020
Andrew Smith23/05/20205/07/2020
Dianne Stevenson15/07/20205/07/2020
Bruce Sutton120/09/202020/09/2020
Mel Thomas120/09/202020/09/2020
Sandra Thomas120/09/202020/09/2020
Pawel Wagner120/09/202020/09/2020
Peter Watterson120/09/202020/09/2020
Michael Watts223/03/202020/09/2020
Tristan White15/07/20205/07/2020
Philip Whitten120/09/202020/09/2020
Steve Young15/07/20205/07/2020

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