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Rogaines are organised and run totally by volunteers. Check out the Events and Volunteers page for where you can help out, then simply register or email the Volunteer Coordinator

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You can’t rogaine every weekend. Orienteering is a great way to hone those skills.

Click the button below to be taken to the Orienteering NSW Homepage. 


Rogainers with smart phones are encouraged to install the following app on their smart phones and carry them during events.

This Emergency+ app has been developed for Australia’s Triple Zero Awareness Working Group. When activated, the app displays current GPS coordinates. This knowledge could be very useful in a variety of rescue and support situations. No mobile coverage is required to display GPS coordinates.

The app is available in the app stores for Android, Apple and Windows devices.

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Emergency+ App

Triple Zero (000) is Australia’s primary emergency service number and should be used if urgent emergency assistance is required from either police, fire, or ambulance services.

Australia also has two secondary emergency service numbers that only work with particular technologies:

  • 112 is the GSM international standard emergency number which can only be dialled on a digital mobile phone (Some international model phones cannot dial “000”).
  • 106 is the text-based emergency number for people who are deaf, or who have a hearing or speech impairment. This service operates using a textphone (TTY) or a computer with modem access.

Coming Event - 2019 6hr Socialgaine

Sunday 24th November at 10am
Belrose/Garigal NP

Still open for late entries

You cannot get an event in lovely bushland any closer to the CBD of Sydney. The event starts at 10:00am. Maps available from 8am.

Garigal NP is located in the northern part of Sydney and the area for the Socialgaine will include beautiful and varied forests, cool streams with big rock platforms, magnificent views and some challenging terrain. As well as the NP, the course includes lots of suburban parks and paths in the Belrose and Frenchs Forest area.

The course will include lots of stroller friendly areas as well as the more challenging bush tracks for those seeking more adventurous routes. The Hash House will be at Belrose Public School

Past Event - Lake Macquarie 3hr Paddle & Promenade Rogaine

Sunday 3rd November at 9am
Lake Macquarie

Preliminary are on the event page.

The “surprise” November Rogaine will be a 3 hour Paddlegaine on the quiet waters of beautiful Lake Macquarie. Dust off your canoes and kayaks and mark the date on your calendar. Is this a first for NSW Rogaining? You’ve asked for it and we’ve delivered – a paddlegaine was among the popular requested activities on a recent Rogaining survey – so here it is. This should be a fun, novelty event, as social or as competitive as you wish to make it.

You will have 3 hours to paddle your way around quiet bays, backwaters and creeks picking up checkpoints along the way, but wait there’s more. Two “Transition Checkpoints” allow you to dock your vessel and head off on foot into the local urban and bushland areas to collect land based controls. As usual it’s all up to you as to where you go and by which route you get there.

The location is approx 80 mins from Wahroonga, 25 mins from Broadmeadow and 35 mins from Maitland.

2019 Series Point Score

See the series points score for 2019, after the Paddlegaine :

The Paddlegaine actually had little impact on the Series Point Score. The main reason is that the scores were all pretty close together. The teams that cleared the singles course receievd 182 points and while this is a good score in the classic rogaining events often there is a greater variation between the median and the top scores.

This is how we see the point score before the Socialgaine:

  • Men’sTristan White is now leading this category. Andrew Brown has slipped to 3rd with Matthew Collin taking 2nd after a strong showing in the NSW Champs. This category is still quite open. If David Williams competes at the Socialgaine with someone strong he will probably win this category after a fabulous outing at the NSW Champs.
  • Women’s Gill Fowler still has a mortgage on the Womens’ classification. Jess Baker is solidly in 2nd place with Nicole Mealing gaining 3rd having voluntueered at the Paddy Pallin.
  • Men’s Vets – This category is now wide open. If Ronnie Taib competes at the Socialgaine with a strong partner he will probably take this category but there a lot of strong competitors trying to stop him, not least of which is David Baldwin from ACT who will almost certainly win this category if he shows up with regular partner Julie Quinn. Fortunately for my NSW colleagues, David and Julie rarely make the trip north for the 6hr Socialgaine.
  • Women’s VetsAntoniya Bachvarova is still on top but is being chased hard by Nicole Haigh and Mardi Barnes. If Julie Quinn (from ACT) competes at the Socialgaine with regular partner David Baldwin she will take this category.
  • Men’s Super VetsMike Hotchkis has moved into 1st place and will be virtually impossible to beat after a good showing at the NSW Champs.
    Women’s Super Vets – This category has not changes. There is tight competition here between Amanada Mackie and Robin Cameron. Sandra Thomas is not far away in 3rd placing. This will be a close competition and is the one to watch.
  • Men’s Ultra VetsAndy Macqueen is looking very strong at the top of this leader board having won this category in every event he has entered so far this year. None of the other competitors look like they can catch Andy.
  • Women’s Ultra VetsPam Montgomery has taken the lead in this category edging out Parissa Poulis after a strong showing in the NSW Champs. Parissa Poulis is now second but could easily change that with a good Socialgaine.
    Men’s Under 23Ivan Koudashev is completely dominating this category. We could award this category now.
  • Women’s Under 23Jemma Duerden has this competition well under control and like the Under 23 Men’s we could probably award this category now.

If you see any problems with the results or have queries then please contact webmaster@nswrogaining.orgeigth