Missing Maps

We are trying to complete our archives. In particular we want to get a complete inventory of maps used in NSW rogaines since the first rogaine in 1983. We have made pretty good progress with approximately 170 maps already on file.

We are missing the maps below. If you can help by scanning or otherwise reproducing one of these mapos then please send it to  webmaster@nswrogaining.org. If the map requires multiple scans due to its size you can send multiple scans and we will stitch them togethor.

Thanks to Julian Ledger and Chris Stevenson (Webmaster) for driving this inititive and thanks to those people who have already submitted their  maps.

DateDurationSeasonLocationOrganiserCourse Setter
198312 HourSpringArmidale-NewholmeJeremy Challacombe? (ex VRA) 
198812 Hour  AutumnWingenBert Van Netten, Ian Dempsey 
198824 Hour (NSW Champs) Hampton Warwick Marsden and Big Foot