MapRun7 - Lane Cove Volunteers Picnic 2024

Original event dateSaturday 3rd February 2024
Duration2 hours
GPS Tolerance15m
Changes from the original event:

– GPS Tolerance tightened to 15m
– You can start at any control
– You will be prompted to CONFIRM your finish when you get back to the starting point.  This prevents accidentally finishing if you pass that location again.

Maprun event/updates:

You can also download the Course Setters Notes and Map from within the MapRun app by tapping the “i” button next to the Event name after you load the event.

Please update your app to MapRun7 – use of earlier versions may not work as expected.

Start LocationYou can Start at any control. If you do, you must finish at the same control. The original Start/Finish was at the
Commandment Rock picnic area. NOTE that if you Start/Finish at a different control, the original HH location takes on the highest points value and there are no points allocated for your start control. 
LinksGoogle Maps Link to HH
Map and Event Files
MapRun7 LinkScan or tap the QR code below to run the event directly MapRun7 (recommended)
The HH is located at Commandment Rock Picnic Area