The importance of a good first aid kit

[Due to a server failure in Aug-2019 we have restored this historic post] Posted on 2/09/2016 by Catherine Wood Ok so story goes……. We had a really good start and were tracking well. It got dark and we were tracking directly from 41 to 34 up a creek bed. No rocks had been slippery or […]

The Perfect Event

The Perfect Event

Posted on 10/09/2016 by Chris Stevenson I am quite excited about the forthcoming NSW champs. I was wondering why I am excited and I reckon that the NSW Champs might be close to a perfect event. This led me to thinking what, for me, constitutes the perfect event. Here are my thoughts, feel free to add […]

Great finish to the NSW Champs – U23’s

[Due to a server failure in Aug-2019 we have restored this historic post] Posted on 17/10/2016 by Alan Mansfield From the Event page – “Congratulations to Rochelle Duerden and Mitchell Lindbeck who, after the correction of a punch failure, have been propelled to 1st place in the U23 category. Commiserations to Ivan Koudashev and Elena […]

What? You missed it?

Posted on 17/10/2016 by Chris Stevenson The NSW Championship last weekend was an event not to be missed, if you didn’t make it you missed out on a superb, classic rogaine. We had 200 starters which was 41 teams in the 8 hour event and 46 teams in the 24 hour championship event. I was very excited […]

Funny Moments in Rogaining

[Due to a server failure in Aug-2019 we have restored this historic post] Posted on 10/12/2016 by Chris Stevenson Hi. It’s the off season for rogaining and it’s almost Christmas, so it is a time for reflection. Understanding this, I thought we could start a blog of funny moments in rogaining. If you want to […]

Them’s “The Rules”

[Due to a server failure in Aug-2019 we have restored this historic post] Posted on 12/12/2016 by Chris Stevenson At the most recent meeting of the NSW Rogaining Association Committee the issue of mis-punching electronic controls was discussed. By default the event software we use (RogaineScore) records the lowest score recorded by a team member […]

Avoiding the Lawrence of Arabia country

Posted on 10/04/2017 by Julian Ledger Congratulations to Steve Ryan course setter, Gill Fowler organiser and Anita Bickle admin, on the excellent Minigaine at Cronulla on Sunday. Exploring an area not so well known to many in very fair conditions was a great pleasure. The beaches, parks and views were all perfect. The dunes probably […]

Sand, sun, surf and more bloody sand!

Posted on 10/04/2017 by Chris Stevenson The Minigaine yesterday was an interesting event. As someone who comes to rogaining from a bushwalking rather than a running or orienteering background, I always look towards the minigaines with some trepidation. To do well in a minigaine you have to jog a reasonable portion of the event and […]

My wrap of the Australian Championships

Posted on 08/05/2017 by Chris Stevenson The Australian Championships were held over the weekend in an area near Bredbo, south of Canberra, and I thought I would write down a few things that piqued my interest from the event. Firstly, I must pay homage to David Baldwin and Julie Quinn who won the event and […]

The End of an Era

Posted on 08/05/2017 by Chris Stevenson It’s the end of an era. Welcome to the era of Teslin. Teslin, for those of you not up with the latest innovations in rogaining, is that “paper” on which we have started to print maps. Teslin is water proof and very strong. I used an unprotected Teslin map […]